Drama Aloft: Top Picks for Painted Ceilings

Hello Fabulistas! Every corner and surface of a room can make a big impact when it comes to decorating. If you can see it, it’s worth decking out! That’s why I’m in love with painted ceilings. They give some much-needed attention to the fifth wall. Here are just a few looks worth trying out in your own home.

Regal Metallic

You know that I adore a metallic surface! That glamorous sheen is the easiest way to elevate your space. This old-world gleam reinforces the classic furniture… but with a modern twist.


from homedit

Blue Corners

So much for cutting corners! This statement teal paint job challenges the everyday bedroom.


from Apartment Therapy

Expansive Lift

The easiest way to highlight a stunning architectural feature is with a contrasting paint color. The dark hue on this painted ceiling gives the molding a stylish boost.


from homedit

Golden Arrows

The whimsical paint job on this nursery ceiling is impossible to miss! It’s a bold decorating move that feels right in a space just for baby.


from Liz Marie Blog

Coffered Details

Gray defines this coffered ceiling and adds even more visual depth. It would be a shame to leave such a feature all white!


from Seaside Interiors

Go bold and take a paintbrush to the fifth wall! Which colorful look would you prefer in your own home?

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