Design Insider: Decorating Lessons from my HGTV Holiday Special

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you tuned into my show, HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes, Friday night. I decorated Tiki Barber and his gorgeous wife Traci’s new home for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to give you an insider’s look into what I did on the show.


Be inspired

Tiki and Traci are not only expecting, but expecting on Christmas day! It was exciting to decorate their home and make it even more festive for this extra special holiday. They were very gracious and let me use my inspiration to work magic in their home. Let yourself be inspired to make this holiday special for you.


Accentuate the positive

Decorating for the holidays is the perfect time to highlight your home’s most important features. Tiki and Traci’s gracious foyer deserved drama and attention. I made a heavily embellished garland and installed it on the banister to showcase the grand scale of the staircase. It also creates anticipation for more fabulous decorations to come in the living room and dining room.


Make a statement

Have fun and be bold. There’s nothing that makes a statement quite like a metallic gold Christmas tree! On my segment on HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes, I used glass and silver ornaments to create the glistening, festive, yet elegant, effect on these gold trees. And don’t forget to add an abundance of lights. The more lights on a tree, the better!

gold tree

DIY for major fun!

On the show, Tiki Barber helped me create some fabulous glitter ball ornaments for the glam swag throughout the house, including on the living room mantel. The great thing about these ornaments is that the glitter is on the inside, and doesn’t get all over you and your house as you’re decorating.  Tiki did a great job, and even brought his football skills into play during our DIY session! See below for directions to make your own sparkling ornaments.

ornmanet howto

Glitter ornament how-to


  • Clear glass ball ornaments
  • Glitter (loose)
  • Pledge Floor Finish with Future Shine (with blue cap)
  • Funnel for glitter
  • Funnel for floor wax


  1. 1. Remove metal caps.
  2. 2. Use funnel and pour approximately 1 tbsp floor finish into the glass ornament. Make sure to pour against side to avoid bubbles.
  3. 3. Swirl floor finish around inside the ornament to cover all inside surface area.
  4. 4. Pour excess floor finish back into bottle. Twist ornament when pouring out to cover the neck of the ornament.
  5. 5. Use funnel to pour a generous amount of glitter into ornament.
  6. 6. Twist ornament around again. Glitter should cover all inside surface areas.
  7. 7. Gently shake to cover any missed spots.
  8. 8. Pour excess glitter back into bottle.
  9. 9. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes before placing caps back onto ornaments.

For step-by-step photos, see more details on HGTV.

robin solo

Watch my episode of HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes by going to “On Demand.” Stay tuned to Simplifying Fabulous, my Twitter @RobinBaron, and Facebook to get more details on the fabulous decorations!

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