Ming Dynasty Terra Cotta Statues, Set of 3


These antique Ming Dynasty Terra Cotta Groom Statues are adorned in an ornately patterned coat and feature painted sleeves and boots as well as a finely-detailed hat on each one. A beautiful conversation piece, this set of wonderful antiques is dated circa AD 1368-1644.
  • 11.5"H x 4"W x 3"D
  • One of a kind set of Ming Dynasty Terra Cotta statues, sold as a set
  • China, Circa AD 1368-1644
  • Groom statue w/ ornate coat and hat
  • Typically ships within 1 week
  • SKU: RBR0060805

Robin Says: These beautiful Terra Cotta Groom statues are hard to beat when it comes to conversation-starting elements of your design. I love the oohs and aahs pieces like these create! Pair with more modern and contemporary elements of your design to create a timeless look and feel in your space.