Hublot Mirrors


Provide subtle dimension to your space with the classic design of the Hublot Mirrors. These mirrors feature a beautifully woven design surrounding the exterior of the mirror made from quality wicker. Available in Olive, Natural, and Saffron colors, the Hublot Mirrors help to give your space depth through the unequal sizing of the two mirrors.
  • 24” H x 24“ W x 1.2” D
  • Round wicker mirror
  • Available in Olive, Natural, and Saffron finishes
  • 2lbs
  • Typically ships within one week
  • SKU: SNAF170160902

ROBIN SAYS: A smart way to create depth in your space is to pair two or more similar items that contrast in size. Hang these mirrors near one another to create the illusion of dimension, bringing a new level of interest to your space.