Howard Ziff Collection

As an abstract artist, Howard Ziff's intention is to interpret what he sees, whether in nature or man-made, and cast away any visual or emotional boundaries and deal with what he feels are the basic elements of life as we live it. Ziff is particularly interested in combining past, present and future because he believes in the fourth dimension of time and endeavors to reflect that in his work. It goes beyond a continuum so it only exists for Ziff in the present tense even though it combines all remembrance.

While Ziff's recent shows at Lichtundfire in New York’s Lower East Side gallery district included both black and white and color paintings his main interest is again to ask where this all came from and was there only black which is actually a color of course or white which is the absence of color and perhaps the true beginning.

Ziff hopes he can make art that will engage us, make us imagine on our own, and perhaps see things through a different lens.