Robin Baron’s Top 10 Fall Design Trends

Looking to make some stylish updates to your home this Fall? From trending paint colors to furniture choices, there are ideas for every design style! Whether you are looking to make small changes or  completely redecorate,  take some inspiration from my Top 10 design trends for Fall 2018. Florals Create a wall worth looking at! … Continued

Spring Forward with Fresh Color

Are you staying warm Fabulistas? It may not seem like it here in New York but Spring is coming! Spring forward with new, fresh wall colors to brighten up your home. Making this simple update can change the look of any room! Interior designer Robin Baron knows that bright, bold blocks of wall color could be the … Continued

My Top 3 2017 Design Trends

Happy Weekend Fabulistas! I hope you are having a great start to the new year! Today I’m sharing my 3 top interior design trends to look for in 2017. Whether you’re renovating your current home or starting from scratch, these trends will transform your home into a beautiful masterpiece! Go bold and mix colors and patterns … Continued

2017 Design Color Trends

Happy Weekend Fabulistas! A new year means new trends in home design and decor! Today I’m discussing the newest color trends to start 2017. If you are looking to update your walls or simply add new decor, make sure you look out for these hot new colors!   Dusky Blue A color that goes with brights and … Continued

Making Sense Of The Color Of The Year

Dear Fabulistas! It’s a colorful time of year, especially with brands announcing their color of the year. It’s one of my favorite times because I get to share how you can integrate the new trend colors into your homes and your holiday entertaining. I know thinking about the latest and greatest trends for your home can … Continued

Get to Know Poised Taupe!

Hi there Fabulistas! Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year is here and I’m so excited… introducing Poised Taupe! All images courtesy Sherwin-Williams I’m looking forward to including this color in my clients’ designs. It’s a beautiful choice for anyone looking to transition away from grey, and the subtle sophistication of Poised Taupe makes it the perfect complement … Continued

Design Trends inspired by Brazil

Brazil…Brazil…Brazil…! From Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2017– recently held at Rio’s Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum – to the Olympics 2016 only 2 months away, the world is looking to the beautiful South American country for inspiration of all sorts. Art, fashion, commerce, and design are forever evolving. Trends rise from these travel stories that take us … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Task Lights

Hello Fabulistas! The industrial glam trend isn’t going anywhere and the latest must-have to get the look is the industrial task light. It’s simple, sleek, and makes quite the impact. Some call it an architect lamp, but I call it chic! There are about a million different ways to use task lights. Here are a … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Bamboo Revival

Hello Fabulistas! I love design with an Asian influence, and bamboo furnishings keep popping up in my favorite magazines and blogs. This material has been a long-time favorite of mine, but it seemed to fall a bit out of favor in recent years. Yes, I saw it every now and then in a wonderful setting, … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Chic Floral Chandeliers

Hello Fabulistas! One of my favorite ways to fill that space right now is with a floral chandelier. The ceiling often gets overlooked and one of these beauties is the perfect seasonal way to bring attention to it! Hanging floral arrangements are hot right now, and no… this trend isn’t just for weddings! from Pinterest … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Neon Two-Tone

Hello Fabulistas! By now you may consider color blocking last year’s news. But guess what… I’ve seen a trend emerging for two-tone neon pairings. They’re the perfect shock of color for summer! Here are a few of my favorite examples of this lively trend. Voluptuous Neon Vases One of the best ways to play up … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: White Marble Drama

Hello Fabulistas! Marble is a design trend that’s been around for ages. The ancients knew a good thing when they saw it! I’ve seen a dramatic resurgence lately in the design world and I love it. Here are some of the (many) ways you can use this sophisticated material. from The Design Files Chic Marble … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Standout Hardware

Hello Fabulistas! Making a space your own includes finding the perfect finishing touches. Or, simply switching out details that make a room or piece feel like you. Adding decorative, unique hardware to doors and cabinetry is an easy upgrade that’s huge on personality. There’s no shortage of glam hardware to add to your space. Dainty … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Geological Patterns

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve professed my love for burl wood and agate. I just can’t get enough of the beauty of nature’s design! I don’t just love natural work though… I also love designs that mimic natural work with a funky twist. Geological patterns are popping up all over runways and in home designs. Here are just … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Burl Wood

Hello Fabulistas! Design always creates wonderful opportunities to celebrate what may be perceived as imperfections. Burl wood, one of my favorite trends right now, does just that. This abnormal growth on a tree results in swirls and patterns that are simply beautiful. Pieces made of burl wood are extra special and add a unique look … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Mosaic Tile

Hello Fabulistas! The design possibilities are endless when it comes to mosaic tile. I’ve seen them in nearly every room and situation. This design trend has been around for ages and has fabulous staying power. Here are some of my favorite current incarnations of the tile work. Unique foliage look Artistic Tile is one of … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Wire Home Accessories

Hello Fabulistas! Sometimes design is about the absence of space. That’s what I love so much about wire and steel furniture and accessories. They’re graphic while allowing room to admire the other design elements in a room. Here are some of my favorite wire-style pieces. from Domino Bertoia chairs Henry Bertoia designed these lovely side … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Copper

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve been in love with metallics for quite a while and my current favorite is copper. The buffed sheen is my new go-to for adding a bit of glamour to a room. from Pinterest Copper globes Lighting is everything! There’s no use in creating a fab atmosphere if it isn’t lit well enough to … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Soft Pastels

Hello Fabulistas! The New Year is a time to refresh and reevaluate. Pastel colors have always felt fresh to me, especially after a season of saturated traditional holiday colors. Here are some of the pastel looks I’m embracing right now. from seventeendoors Minty cake stand Unique cake stands make fabulous hostess gifts, but I love this … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Fab and Festive Feathers

Hello Fabulistsas! It’s always fun to use some current trends in your holiday decor. I used feathers in an unexpected way for my HGTV holiday special. (Tune in this Friday at 8p.m. EST!) These festive accents demand attention year-round, though. Here are my favorite ways to use feathers. from Tumblr Peacock feather pendant A roundup … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Faux Bois

Hello Fabulistas! Sometimes, faux objects are the most fabulous of all. (I’ll get to more of that on holiday decorating in relation to my upcoming HGTV special later!) Who says you need real wood when you can get the style, with a few artistic flairs? I adore all the creative ways you can use faux … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Smoked Glass

Hello Fabulistas! There’s something undeniably masculine and mid-century about smoke glass. The look gives just about anything a bit of edge, which helps balance out the metallics I love to use in designs. Here are a few of my favorite incarnations of this style. from Pinterest Smoked cocktail glasses I adore a good hunt for … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Wild for Zebra Print

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve never been one to shy away from a print. Especially an animal print. Normally leopard is my go-to, however zebra currently has me in its style snares! Here are some of my favorite home and fashion looks with the wild print. from Incorporated Houzz Mini zebra bag Afraid to wear bold zebra … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Luxe Velvet

Hello Fabulistas! I woke up to a sprinkling of snow in New York this morning and I’m reaching for plush fabrics. That brings me to one of my current obsessions, velvet. The fabric comes in and out of style in cycles. Right now, I’m fully embracing it in design and fashion. Here are some of … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Glam Agate

Hello Fabulistas! I adore precious gems and gorgeous jewelry. So I’m ALL on board for this fab agate trend. The stone is praised for its healing qualities and nothing beats its natural striations. No wonder the design world has embraced it! Here are some of my favorite ways to use it. from Houzz Agate side … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Cable Knit

Hello Fabulistas! Now that there’s a nip in the air in New York City, I’m longing for soft and comfy fabrics. The cable knit pattern is a classic for sweaters, but I’ve seen it popping up in the home sector often, too. Here are some of my favorite ways to use cable knits at home. … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Chic Laser Cuts

Hello Fabulistas! You may think that something “laser cut” sounds rough and masculine. There is that side of the trend, but I’m here to show you all of the delicate feminine details that you can achieve with this technique, too. Lucky for me, so many designers are using this technique! Here are some of my … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Fab Fringe

Hello Fabulistas! Fringe was a major trend on the spring runways during Fashion Week and I can’t get enough of it. It’s by far the most FAB trim of all. Here are my favorite looks. from Terra Firma Home Houzz Festive banner I love a good party decoration that’s flashy and reusable. It makes throwing an … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Chic Pale Pink

Hello Fabulistas! When we think about fall, it’s normally about lots of rich jewel tones and deep neutrals. But, pale pink is definitely having a moment! Now, I’m quite girl-y and adore some serious glamour. However, pink has never been one of my favorite colors. This season just might change my mind. from Indulgy Blush of inspirational … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Entranced by Tapestry

Hello Fabulistas! One major trend of NYFW for Fall 2013 was tapestry. (Don’t you love this Timo Weiland RTW look?) Now that it’s finally fall, I can’t wait to incorporate this time-tested treatment into my wardrobe and designs! It may sound a little stuffy, but trust me, it isn’t! from The Cut Tapestry pillow with … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Colorful Office Supplies

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve covered some of my top picks for lunchboxes. But we can’t let the kiddies have all the fun! Back-to-school time always leaves me wanting to restock all my office supplies with fab and colorful pieces. Here are my favorite pieces of the moment. Recycled rainbow pencils I try to buy and use … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Quilting for All!

Hello Fabulistas! Quilting gets a bad rap. These are not your great grandmother’s quilts! I’ve seen the treatment on all kinds of surfaces lately, from pants to cabinets. It’s an easy way to lend texture to any look. I’m obsessed! from Pinterest Classic Chanel bag You can’t argue with Chanel when it comes to classic, … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Supersize Florals

Hello Fabulistas! Just because it’s after Labor Day doesn’t mean that you can’t still rock florals. And speaking of New York Fashion Week, (which has now officially started), large-scale florals were a huge trend for the fall runways. So keep out those floral motifs on a grand scale. They’re in for fall! from Pinterest Layers … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Design by South-West

Hello Fabulistas! I may live in NYC, but I have a major thing for all things southwestern style right now. I’ve seen geometric patterns, rich neutrals and anything else under the sun that fits into the trend everywhere lately. Here are just a few of my fave looks: from Houzz Southwestern cabinet This cabinet is … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Chic Dorm Room Digs with H&M Home

Hello Fabulistas! If you haven’t already noticed, I’m thrilled about the launch of H&M Home stateside. I’m always weak in the knees for an affordable home goods source. There are so many fab options for decorating a dorm room in the collection. You or your college student may have already moved in for the semester. … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Fab Bike Accessories

Hello Fabulistas! There are already so many people who bike around New York City and that number has only increased since Citi Bike started. With that bike-sharing program, it’s hard to add a little personality to your short-term ride. But I’m always looking for ways to up the style factor. If you have a keeper … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Lacey Accents

Hello Fabulistas! Sometimes you only need a little bit of something to really give off a lot of style. That something I’m focusing on today is lace. It’s classic, fabulous and requires only a touch for a lot of elegance! from Lonny Wrapped up in lace As you already know, H&M e-commerce is one of … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Secret Storage

Hello Fabulistas! When you live in cramped quarters, (like many New Yorkers), you’re constantly thinking about new ways to be sneaky about storing your stuff. But secret storage spots aren’t exclusive to apartment dwellers. I’m always looking for new and creative ways to stash things away for my clients. Here are some of my current … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Peachy Keen

Hello Fabulistas! I normally love bold colors, but this summer I’m taking it easy with pastels. There’s just something about the muted, cool tones that seem to speak to me right now. If you love anything peach as a summer snack, give your interior style taste buds over to this fresh trend! Peach-Dipped Table If … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Art Inspired Decor

Hello Fabulistas! Today I’m still thinking about all the creativity I discussed in yesterday’s post. Sure, there are creative inspirations all around us. For some it takes expressing that creativity through art. Even if you aren’t gifted with an artist’s eye, you can still appreciate all the style and substance of art. Lots of home … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Red, White and Fab!

Hello Fabulistas! It’s almost time to celebrate the U.S.’s birthday again and I’m prepping for all the entertaining that I’m going to be doing over the holiday. There are so many ways to express your patriotism this 4th of July. Here are some seriously stylish ways to fly those great colors: 4th of July sprtizer … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Channeling Palm Springs

Hello Fabulistas! Once the temperature rises to a certain point during the summer, most all that I dream of doing is lounging around a pool. But that isn’t always practical, so I like to channel that desire through Palm Springs style, which is relaxing, chic and luxe feeling. Please sign me up! Here are some … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Terra Cotta Transformed

Hello Fabulistas! One thing that I’m always doing as an interior designer is finding ways to reinterpret old design motifs. I think we all have a few old terra cotta planters stashed away somewhere. They’re a container gardening staple! But you won’t believe the transformations this material is getting. Here are some of my favorite … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Luxe Lucite

Hello Fabulistas! I always love to aim for fabulous when I’m designing a space. It’s all about finding your own fab. If that includes the futuristic-looking lucite, go for it! The design industry is no stranger to this sleek material. Here are a few of my favorite lucite and clear plastic items: from Houzz Louis … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Wicker

Hello Fabulistas! If you’ve been keeping up with SF lately, you’ve probably noticed that I’m thinking a lot about spending time outside. The weather is just irresistible! I also have wicker on the mind because it’s a classic staple of outdoor furniture. Don’t be mistaken. Wicker isn’t boring! Here are some of my favorite wicker … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Outdoor Friendly Decor

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. I know I did! It’s always in times of outdoor entertaining that we realize that what we’re missing. Even though I always try to be prepared, I realized that I could’ve used an extra outdoor-friendly side table this weekend. So that put me on … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Chic Container Gardens

Hello Fabulistas! Warm weather has me using every excuse to spend some quality time outdoors. And while you’re outside, why not put your time to good use and plant some beautiful gardens? Even if you don’t have a green thumb, (I sure don’t!), you can still stage some gorgeous outdoor scenes with the help of … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Mason Jars

Hello, Fabulistas! This week I wanted to hit on the trend that is really popular with DIY-ers. Mason Jars are such useful little containers. They’re classic, versatile, and I’m always finding new ways people are using them! This post is less about what you can buy outright to stay on trend, but how you can … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Corgi Crazy!

Hello Fabulistas! I know that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot right now. There is one thing that never seems to go out of style, cute dogs! I’ve talked about Frenchies, and other furry best friends before, but the Corgi seems to be having a moment. There’s a reason Queen Elizabeth II has … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Industrial Glam

Hello Fabulistas! I’m wrapping up all the prep work for my Design on a Dime vignette and I couldn’t be any more excited. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow! For now, though, I want to highlight one of my favorite interior trends right now, the industrial look. It sounds cold and hard, but the weathered … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Metallic-Textured Wall Coverings

Hello Fabulistas! It’s no secret that I have a major soft spot for everything metallic. One of my current projects has me looking at a lot of metallic wallpaper and I can’t get enough! There isn’t a more FAB wall covering than something with some chic seen. Here are some of the inspirational images I’ve … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Gold Accents

Hello Fabulistas! In case you haven’t noticed yet, I have a soft spot for metallics. Especially gold! Nothing gives a touch a glam like the sheen of gold. I can never get enough. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to Metallics. Right now, these are some of my favorite touches of gold: from Pinterest … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Decorating with Pale Pink

Hello Fabulistas! Today’s post is about how pale, lady-like pink made it’s way into our homes. This fab color is not only popping up in interior design mags all over the country, it’s also a color that suits my can’t-wait-for-spring mood perfectly! Warmer weather is right around the corner so let’s get ready to decorate: … Continued

Feng Shui Chic: Office Improvement

In Feng Shui terms, wealth is not simply about the dollars we accumulate. Wealth includes all the rewards we receive in life. Photo Credit: CasaSugar Whether your office is located in a city skyscraper or in your own suburban home, the office is the room that most represents wealth. With a bit of care and … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Glam Easter Eggs

Hello Fabulistas! I love to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what holiday! It gives me a great chance to flex my crafting skills and change up my home decor a little bit. Whether you need a chic centerpiece for a family Easter lunch, or just creating some glam eggs for fun, I found … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Mirrored Furniture

Hello Fabulistas! I’m always on the lookout for the hottest trends to share with my readers. One that has been popular for a while now, and isn’t going out of style any time soon, is mirrored furniture. It’s by far the easiest way to score some MAJOR art deco style with little effort. Now, that’s … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Prone to Pastels

Hello fabulistas! Spring has traditionally been a time for soft-hued pastels. These muted colors are back strong this season and I can’t wait to use them in my home! Here are some of my favorite pastel highlights: One of my favorite things to do with pastels is use them to make black and white POP … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Embroidery

Hello lovelies! I spend a lot of my time pulling together designs for myself and my clients. Budgets don’t always allow for customization, but that’s always the goal that you should have for yourself. Think of fabulous ways you can make it look like the design was mad JUST for you! Sure, you might incorporate … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Spring-y Sea Foam

Hello lovelies! If keeping up with hot new color trends is basically an art form, you could say that art is truly my passion. I talk about color on here a lot, but that’s because it’s so important! The easiest way to brighten and truly transform a space is by adding in some FAB color … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Polka Dots

Hello lovelies! You may have noticed that I highlighted polka dots as one of the hot trends for January. These little dots are always in style in one form or another. Right now they’re DEFINITELY having a moment! It’s easy to add in an accessory with a fun pattern. However, adding one in on a … Continued

Tuesday Trend’s: Plummy Accents

Hello lovelies! If there’s one thing I simply adore, it’s color! Nothing, (nothing!), can transform a space faster than throwing in a few pops of color. One of my current fave shades is plum. It’s rich, vibrant and so feminine…all things that make for a standout space! Plum has been popping up everywhere and I’ve … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Flea Market Finds

If there’s ever a time to freshen up your décor, it’s now! I’m always doing little adjustments to my home and thinking of new things I can do for my clients. Adding pieces here and there doesn’t HAVE to do major damage to your wallet! I love scouring flea markets for all kinds of little … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Fur Accents

I’ve hardly met a fur coat that I didn’t instantly adore! However, you can’t always wear head-to-toe fur all the time. For those times, I like to surround myself with fur accessories and accents for a soft touch and funky look. No matter how much money you spend on a (faux) fur accent, it always … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Pantone Fashion Color Trends 2013

Happy New Year! Now that 2012 is all said and done, it’s time to greet 2013! When it’s time for something new, it’s necessary to see what’s trending and see if it works for you. Remember, a trend is only worth trying if YOU feel comfortable and have fun with it! You’ve already heard that … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Pre-Fall 2013 Fashions

The thing that I love most about fashion is that it’s always changing! There are always new designs to long after, meaning lots of inspiration for interior design. Even during the holiday season we can get our extra fashion fix outside of parties by taking in all the Pre-Fall runway shows. After all, what good … Continued

Studs, Design and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

I’m all about confidence in your home, life and wardrobe. To me, nothing says confidence quite like studs. There’s just something about the little metal pieces that makes everything look and feel that much more fabulous! Studs aren’t the only style cues that I love to take from rock stars, though. Classic rock ‘n’ roller … Continued

Royal-Inspired Goods for Major Duchess Envy

The recent royal wedding has only boosted interest in everything royal! What’s not to love, though? Kate Middleton has become a major fashion plate by wearing a range of designers from Alexander McQueen to Prabal Gurung and making their styles fit her own conservative Duchess tastes. My tastes are a little less conservative than Kate’s, … Continued

Tools for a Fab Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about celebrating the fab things in life! It’s also a great excuse for pulling out your favorite entertaining pieces—or investing in a few new ones! In the spirit of a fantastic Thanksgiving, here are some inspiring pieces to go with your delicious meal. Prep work … Continued

Chic Enough for a Cozy Cabin Weekend

Dropping temps always makes me want to snuggle up by a crackling fire with a warm blanket and a good book. If only I could spend the whole season that way! There are plenty of wood, plaid and wilderness-centric accessories out there to give the illusion of relaxed cabin life, even in the midst of a … Continued

Fall for These Colors in Your Home

Going seasonal can mean harnessing all kinds of hues, including the vibrant jewel tones of fall foliage. Autumnal shades may be fleeting, but my love for using them isn’t! Live vibrantly with these rich tones in all kinds of accents and pieces worth keeping around once the snow falls. Super-Rich Reds These aren’t your average cherry … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Ghoul-Fabulous Halloween Finds

Holidays are a fab time to go bold. Plus, who doesn’t love to mix in some festive pieces into your everyday life? Halloween is just the beginning of several months dedicated to celebrating the holidays! Small pieces and accessories can do wonders for your home and life in making the season feel extra special. Like … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Menswear-Enlisted Military Style

I love all things glam, including military accents! Military duds are made for practicality, but there’s much to be learned from these surprisingly stylish standards. Designers across the style scale showed military-style looks on the F/W ’12 runways. The look is fab, but extremely wearable for those that shy away from bolder trends. Perfect for … Continued

Collar Me Fabulous!

It’s no secret…I’m obsessed with glam jewelry! My outfits never feel complete without an oversized necklace or bangle set, and I never leave home without a ring (or two, or three) on my finger! My favorite “wow” jewelry moment these days is a collar necklace. I love putting one on top of a dress and … Continued

Where Aren’t Thou, Velvet?

To a true fashionista (or a true decorista, shall we?) even the most luxurious looks can be translated into ready-to-wear. Maybe that’s why this year’s fall runway had a dare I say “Shakespearian” flair to it! Far from the days of Romeo and Juliet, though, velvet fashion has become SUPER versatile…from this menswear-inspired Ralph Lauren … Continued

Fall Decor Trends: Part 2

Welcome back from the weekend! You all had such a great response to part one of my Fall Decor Trends, and let me tell you…it was hard to wait a whole week to share part two! If you’re a New Yorker, you’ve been feeling the cold breeze in the air this past week, and walking … Continued

Fall Decor Trends: Part 1

I love fall! It’s my favorite season of the year…when notions of cookouts at Central Park and trips to Coney Island give way to thoughts of cooler weather and enjoying dinner parties inside. Best of all, new seasons mean new trends, new color palettes, new collections, and new styles to try out! I’ve seen so … Continued

Hello Indigo!

I have a new, favorite obsession: Indigo! This season, deep, saturated blues are popping up everywhere from designers’ runways to décor mags to bloggers’ Pinterest pages…and they caught my eye, too! You know I’m all about color, and indigo, with its richness and elegant appeal, is an unstoppable trend! Whether you like to color your … Continued

Wavy Wooden Wonders

Maybe it’s because of my recent trip to Hawaii, but I am seeing waves!

It all started when I was checking out Global Table (as we know, I adore this place) and saw these candlesticks. There’s something so fabulously ironic about manipulating classic materials. Don’t you love the way the smooth, rigid surface of the candlesticks is contrasted by the unexpected organic shape of the design? The wood almost looks like liquid. It got me thinking…organic wooden forms are trending like crazy in home décor!

Strut Your Studs!

When I think about studs, the first word that comes to mind is…edgy. Edgy as in glamorous with a touch of rock n’ roll – the perfect combination, if you ask me.

Pillow Pop

Last week I checked out the new fall textiles lines from Donghia, Sahco, and Armani/Casa…but ever since then, I’ve just been craving more! There’s something so exciting about getting an inside peek at a product line before it is launched. It’s kind of like getting a little glimpse into the future. Of course, I don’t do well with secret-keeping…every time I see something I love, I just want to share it with YOU!

Decorating with Dragons!

You never know where you’re going to find inspiration! The other day, I was out antiquing and found this great vintage necklace. It’s such a fun example of how a traditional motif can be incorporated as a chic, modern accessory!

Raving about Rooftops

The great thing about New York is that no matter where you are, fabulous design follows…from the depths of the subway to the tip of the Empire State Building. Some of my favorites, though, are the ones that are easiest to miss when you’re strolling down a busy city street…the amazing rooftops!

An Apple a Day!

I’m having a love affair with apple green. Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away…but there’s something so especially fabulous about this color! It’s so vibrant that when I see it in a piece of artwork, a wallpaper, or a sofa, I can’t help but smile. Green is the color of healing, and I like to think that apple green has its own special way of healing the human soul.

Getting “Flocked”

Flocked wallpaper is back with a vengeance! Once favored by 16th and 17th century royals for its velvety sheen, it’s back on the scene today. They’ve shed their lavish, traditional look in favor of a hip, fashion-forward one, becoming a favorite cool room accent for those of us who love a pop of pattern, an unexpected touch of texture, or a vintage flair. (We know that I love vintage!)

Mix it Up!

Industrial glam, shabby chic, cool modern, elegant transitional…I could go on forever! There are a multitude of styles when it comes to interior design. So how do you choose just one? Here’s a clue: combine a few and create your own!

Sleek Italian Lines

Italians are famous for their good taste…good taste in clothing, in furniture, and food. (And is there anything else that matters?) The thing about Italian design is that it’s all about clean lines, the architectural feel of it, the modern sense of it. I think that’s what they’re most famous for is their modern design. And that’s true in their clothing as well as in their furniture and home décor.

Tribal Takeover

What does “tribal” say to me? It says: I’m not afraid to take chances. I’ve been around the world and back. I know how to have fun. Playing with tribal lets us unleash our inner ferocity and take risks with color, texture, and especially pattern. So it’s no surprise that it’s been a statement-making theme in both the interior design and fashion worlds.

Cinema Style: Part 2

The Hunger Games is all about drama…and so is the set design! Last week, I wrote about the penthouse dining room and living room designs in the movie’s Capitol’s Training Center, but because the movie is so chock full of inspiration, I just had to create a “sequel” post!

Cinema Style: Part 1

Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy has captured the hearts of millions. It was brilliantly, creatively and colorfully brought to life in the blockbuster film of the first book.

Aquatic Accents

Beach side cottage charm has long been inspired by the nautical creatures that it neighbors, but we’re starting to see a shift in the trend of aquatic accents. The seaside-inspired designs are being given a modern makeover, and though still channeling the ocean’s characters, are proving that aquatic can absolutely have an artistic edge, widening … Continued

Suite Style: Hotel-Inspired Home Décor

With summer travel season kicking off in a few short weeks, it’s hard not to get into a vacation state-of-mind, especially knowing hotels’ plush towels, sleek decor and decadent robes await you. But who says you have to hop on a plane to get the luxury? One of the latest trends in home décor is … Continued

London Calling: The British Invasion into Home Decor

Largely thanks to last year’s Royal Wedding and Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee as well as the impending London-based summer Olympics, we’ve seen a surge of Britannia in home décor. From crowns to the iconic Union Jack, designers and anglophiles alike are jumping on the (double-decker) bandwagon. Long Live the Queen The Diamond Jubilee of … Continued

The Return of Tassels

If visions of floral-covered curtains, a la 1970s, tied back with trim flash before your eyes when the term “tassle” is mentioned, take note. Tassels are back and the sweetly swinging accents are dusting modern day décor with style. What began as a stylish flair to fashion accessories last fall is now moving into the … Continued

Sheer Summer Style

With the sun dipping below the horizon a little later each day, it’s time to infuse some sheer fabric into your home, opening the windows and inviting the warm glow of sunshine in. The lightweightness of sheer allows a simple breeze to instantly send your curtains and canopies (and heart) aflutter, while bringing a sense … Continued

Decorating with the Metallic Rainbow

Everything that glistens isn’t always gold … or silver or bronze. We’ve already covered how hot metallics are in design right now, but one of our favorite aspects with this trend is that the sheen is being seen in a variety of hues. Not sure where to start? Check out my seven tips for decorating … Continued

Animal Print Allure

Take a walk on the wild side by incorporating animal prints into your home décor. To ensure your design is tasteful instead of tacky, a good rule of thumb is to use only one type of animal print on one item in your room. Here’s a breakdown of three of the most popular prints: Black, … Continued

Long Live Turquoise

Ever since it was dubbed as Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2010, turquoise has been a hot hue season after season. Here are some great items you can add to your home decor to translate this trend from dream to reality!

Strike While the Iron is Hot!

This industrial glam trend was all fired up at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show last week.  Whether you use iron in the room or as a detail to accessorize, here are some of my favorite iron pieces from the show. I love DESIGNLUSH!  This is just one of their many FAB pieces!  This multi-pendant ceiling fixture … Continued

3 Easy Nailhead Trim DIY Projects

Nailhead accent furniture, like pearl earrings, make an outfit. Not necessary, but when added it makes the look feel complete and rises it to a new level of splendor. The nailhead trim trend (whoa, tongue twister!) can be seen from sofas to side tables, pillows to pedestals, and everywhere in between and in styles from … Continued

The Fairest of Them All: Mirrored Furniture

A fabulous piece of mirrored furniture can act like magic in your home décor – it gives the illusion of a bigger, brighter room, while adding hints of glimmer (and who doesn’t want that?!).  It is versatile with styles, effortlessly finding a place in contemporary, glam and vintage, and the shiny surface complements well with … Continued

Falling for Frenchies

In the last year, the sidewalks of New York have seen a noticeable increase in pedigree. No, not the Park Avenue population, I’m talking dogs. And not just any breed – the adorable, rabbit-eared, squishy-faced French bulldog. And since pet owners truly love their furry companions, the pups are beginning to pop up in home … Continued

Decorating the Home with Chrome

When the term “chrome” is mentioned, an industrial chic loft, filled with sparse, utilitarian workspaces and exposed ceiling, concrete floors and brick walls comes to mind for most. But the metal can bring a sense of warmth and, dare I say, Hollywood glamour, to a space if paired with the right décor. David Jimenez found … Continued

Chevron Chic

Just as the pattern suggests, chevron has risen and fallen in popularity, and currently, it appears to be at its peak. Similar to its flame stitch counterpart, we likely have fashion designer Missoni’s surge in the mainstream market to thank for its spike. The dynamic zigzag is being seen in rugs, window treatments, wall décor … Continued

Faux Sure: Cozy Up Your Home with Faux Fur

With blistery weather causing the thermometer to dip to frosty temperatures, the winter season beckons for fabulous, cozy décor options. With its luxe style and oh-so-soft splendor, faux fur instantly adds a dose of Old Hollywood glamour to the room, along with textural interest, as seen in Jennifer Brouwer Design’s Frybrook project. A plush faux … Continued

Five Tips for Decorating with Pink & Red

Love is in the air! Even if you don’t buy into the Hallmark holiday hoopla, you can still show your home a little Valentine’s Day love this month. And while most Valentine’s Day décor is limited to schoolyard-style red hearts and complicated crafts, two of our favorite bloggers share tips for subtle and chic Valentine’s … Continued

Metallic Mod

Whether you prefer the glitz of radiant gold or the history of burnished bronze, metallics give a rich luster to a room that few materials can emulate. What began as an accessory trend, with antique silver frames and gilded mirrors, can now be seen in wall coverings, fabrics and large-scale furniture and in colors that … Continued

The Color Trend for the Year goes to…

Tangerine Tango!! A new year also means a new color trend, and the color gods at Pantone have dubbed Tangerine Tango as this year’s “it” color. Also called Pantone 17-1463 for the technical types, the hue is “an enticing juicy orange, a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring.” This fiery shade … Continued

Fire Power: The Flame Stitch

Like moths to a flame, we keep getting drawn in when it comes to flame stitch. The Renaissance-era textile technique has come and gone in popularity, several times over, and largely thanks to Missoni’s line for Target from Fall 2011, the embroidery-inspired pattern is hot once again. The last two years, the highly anticipated Kips … Continued

Translating Trends: Parisian Glamour

In celebration of my Joss & Main collection, Parisian at Heart, learn how to integrate modern Parisian glamour into your home décor. What I love about this collection is that it includes so many pieces that capture the offhanded elegance of the Parisian life.  And now you can translate these ideas into your own life at a low … Continued

Ski Lodge-Inspired Decor

Brrr! The winter season has finally arrived and has us craving some coziness this holiday season! One of the comfiest places I can think of is a ski lodge…a crackling fire burns while I’m curled up in a plush leather chair, a big mug of hot cocoa in hand, reading my favorite novel as the snow … Continued

Seven Decorating Tips for a Festive Holiday Mantel

With stockings hung by the chimney with care, make sure St. Nicholas does not find the mantle bare! When decorated for the holidays, a fireplace mantel comes to life, creating a warm, homey ambiance. To help make sure you don’t find coal in your stocking come Christmas morning, we asked Santa’s little helpers (aka our favorite … Continued

Create a Silver and Gold Holiday Table

Silver and gold has become just as prominent a holiday color combination as Christmas’ red and green and Hanukkah’s blue and white. The metallic palette is compatible with any tradition or celebration, allowing you to illuminate your home from Thanksgiving to New Years. If you’re planning on entertaining, the tabletop is the ideal place to … Continued

Organize with Style: Lacquer Boxes

Lacquer blurs the lines of retro and modern and has a lustrous glamour that few materials can project. Because a little lacquer goes a long way, one of the easiest ways to incorporate this material is via fabulous and functional lacquer boxes that will help you to organize your home in style! Over the past few years, thanks to … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Kitchen Accessories for the Chic Chef

Whether you are whipping up culinary creations in your kitchen this Thanksgiving, or looking for a gift to satisfy a gourmet gourmand, turn any kitchen from drab to fab with these six stylish (and functional!) kitchen accessories. It’s time to toast the holidays…and I don’t mean with Champagne! Pop Art Toaster’s retro-style toaster turns ordinary … Continued

Decorating with Chalkboards Gets Creative!

Chalkboards have come a long way from the schoolhouse learning tools we grew up with. We’ve noticed that it’s now a trend to bring this childhood staple into our grown-up homes, making them look crafty-chic (did I just make that up?), as well as functional. Let’s face it: There’s something sublimely simple about writing reminders, … Continued

Affordable Art Sources

Great art is no longer just available for those with bloated bank accounts. There are plenty of wonderful, affordable art sources out there right now. One of my favorites is art dealer (and curator, writer and entrepreneur…I’m smelling a Fab Friday!) Jen Bekman’s 20×200, a company with whom we’re currently running a colorful photo contest with. … Continued

Picking a Great Neutral: Taupe

I’ve been reading a lot of paint SOS messages from our Simplifying Fabulous! readers and on Benjamin Moore’s Expert Exchange app on Facebook. Choosing bright colored paints is often more difficult than choosing a neutral, as there are sooo many types and shades. For me, one of the best neutrals is taupe. The color “taupe” … Continued

Six Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas

This time of year is full of ghoulish gimmicks, and I’m not talking about the tricks in trick or treating. Traditionally, Halloween décor is chock full of blood, guts, and gore, which may be fun for a kids party, but isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. For some frightfully fun Halloween decorating ideas, we turned to some of … Continued

Sports Memorabilia in Home Decor

Incorporating sports memorabilia into the home is a great way to personalize your decor while going green. While in London last week for the London Design Festival, my Blogtour group headed to the Decorex show. Here, I spent some time poking around the booth of the husband-and-wife team Antiques by Design. Based in Essex, this pair combines … Continued

Translating Trends: Autumn and Winter Color Trends

Day three of Blogtour brought our group to the 100% Design show at Earl’s Court, a great big trade show venue in London. Taking a break from walking the show, we stopped to hear from Mark Woodman, a trend consultant and the North American representative for British-based Global Color Research and Mix Publications. Mark presented a fascinating presentation on color trends for … Continued

Translating Trends: Peacock Inspired Home Furnishings

Peacocks’ iridescent imagery has certainly played a role in design over the ages, more recently their feathers as both a motif and literal décor accent. Now we’re starting to see a resurgence of the venerated bird in accessories, depicting the peacock in its full glory. Add some prettiness to your presentation with this lacquered wooden … Continued

Translating Trends: Man’s Best Friend

Animal imagery has always played a big role in home design (whooo can forget those years of the owl?), and I’ve  seen two new animals running wild on the US design scene: dogs and peacocks. Even here at the London Design Festival this week, dog prints, silouettes, statues and imagery has been spotted EVERYWHERE! Dogs … Continued

Translating Trends: Mad Men-Inspired Decor

The last four seasons of Mad Men have brought us more than addictive plot lines and handsome eye candy. The award-winning show’s set design has inspired our interiors with sexy boudoirs, all-white offices, and cozy kitchens. With the retro look on the rise, we can all take a little design 101 from our favorite characters. … Continued

Fashion Underfoot

West Elm offers a gorgeous array of eco-friendly accessories and furnishings, and their coveted designer collaboration collections are no exception. The company’s venture with textile, clothing and interior designer Allegra Hicks resulted in this Printed Harlequin rug, made of hand-woven natural jute, a highly sustainable material. Jute is 100% bio-degradable and totally recyclable…so green and … Continued

Translating Trends: Industrial Glam

Industrial glam. Sounds oxymoronic, doesn’t it? Industrial style is sleek, clean, and minimal – how can it be paired with glamour, which is known for it’s plush materials, detailing, and over-the-top design? Even though these styles are at opposite ends of the design spectrum, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I’m completely obsessed … Continued

New York Fashion Week Trends Come Inside

The first sign of fall in New York City isn’t the changing of the leaves or the smell of cider wafting from the local markets…it’s the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Starting this Thursday, a sea of stilettos will take over Lincoln Center to get a first glimpse at the upcoming fashion trends for next spring. I’ll … Continued

Seeing Beauty in the Broken

The ability to see the potential for life and beauty in the broken is an amazing life skill. This vision is what designers channel when they approach a new project or a renovation. While at the NYIGF the other week checking out color and furnishing trends, I was introduced to 2b design, a remarkable company … Continued

Fall Furnishing Trends

Last week I reported on how the  New York design world was abuzz with the semi-annual New York International Gift Fair, a fabulous trade show showcasing what’s new and exciting in the worlds of handmade, jewelry, baby, gifts, garden accessories and, of course, home design. Located on the west side of Manhattan on Pier 94, the At Home … Continued

Translating Trends: Fall TV Homes (Part II)

We had so much fun taking a peek at the tv set décor of our favorite television shows last week, that we’re bringing you more! Today we’re going inside three homes of television’s favorite unconventional extended family, and into the apartment of one truly inspirational female character. Modern Family One family. Three very different designs. The … Continued

All the Familiar (Green) Faces

In the past, environmentalists may have shunned “mass market” stores because of how products have been sourced, transported and disposed of. These days, big box stores are making a real effort to  be environmentally friendly—both in the products they offer and the way they operate. Here are some of my favorite places to shop that have … Continued

Fall Color and Pattern Trends

Last week the New York design world was abuzz with the semi-annual New York International Gift Fair, a fabulous trade show showcasing what’s new and exciting in the worlds of handmade, jewelry, baby, gifts, garden accessories and, of course, home design. Located on the west side of Manhattan on Pier 94, the At Home section features … Continued

Translating Trends: Fall TV Homes

Get your DVRs ready because it’s time to gear up for fall TV! Being reunited with characters we love (and those we love to hate) after a long, dry summer of reruns makes us welcome fall with outstretched, remote control-holding arms. If you’re like me, you find fall TV set interiors are as captivating as … Continued

Translating Trends: Mix-and-Match Wall Art

Scenario: You have a blank wall in dire need of some accenting. You have a variety of items to choose from, but you don’t know what goes with what! Do you hang a mirror? Photographs from Paris? Plates of your favorite china collection? Here’s an idea…Why not use all of the above and mix-and-match your wall … Continued

Translating Trends: Sunburst Mirrors

My favorite design trends are those which can be tailored to fit an individual’s personal style, whether that be traditional, contemporary, rustic, industrial or none of the above! After all, what fun would a trend be if only fans of one style got to enjoy it? One of these versatile trends that comes to mind … Continued

Translating Trends: Lovely Lace

Ever since Kate Middleton waltzed down the aisle in her show stopping lacy Alexander McQueen wedding gown, I’ve been noticing the feminine fabric everywhere! Attributed to the royal wedding or not, lace and lace-inspired designs have seen a recent resurgence in fashion and home design alike! The material is popping up in traditional applications (think lace doilies placed … Continued

Translating Trends: Mix-and-Match China

I’ve always eschewed the idea of saving china for special occasions. Everyday should be its own celebration! For practicality sake, you may not want the expensive stuff to come out to play every day, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to unstylish table settings, either. You can find wonderful sets of china–ones … Continued

Breaking it Down: Green Kitchen Jargon

Let’s talk green… green kitchens that is!  Nowadays there are so many new ways to improve the sustainability of products, but it is not always easy to understand what the eco rules, regulations and certifications all mean! Green doesn’t have to be difficult! We’re here to demystify green kitchen design with a mini dictionary of … Continued

Translating Trends: Color Blocking

Warm weather always inspires the confidence to be bold!  Every summer, I love to welcome bright color trends back into the world of fashion and home decor. The trend that seems to currently be leading the pack is color blocking, a pattern that consists of a solid sections of color. This look has been popping … Continued

The Next Design Star: Mother Nature

When many of us set out looking for inspiration to create fabulous, personalized spaces, we sit down with a stack of design magazines to leaf through, or head out to window shop. Yet often, many of the pieces that we drool over in catalogs, on Web sites, and in displays are actually inspired by natural … Continued

Wood you Fake It?

I generally try to stay away from fakes, but when it comes to faux bois, it’s a whole other story. In honor of Bastille Day this week, I thought it appropriate to call attention to this current design trend…faux bois is French for “fake wood.” The design treatment that makes other materials look like wood … Continued

Big Screen Design Dreams

One of my favorite things to do in the heart of the summer is to escape the hot, humid city streets and head not to the beach, but to the movies! There is nothing like relaxing in the air-conditioned darkness of a movie theater, popcorn in hand, allowing your thoughts and imagination run to another place. … Continued

Translating Trends: Candy Striping

Summer has arrived and it’s time to embrace the energy of the season! One trend exploding onto the design scene like fireworks in the July sky is the multi-colored stripe in bold, candy hues. Stripes are a classic do-it-all look that looks at home in any house. In a multi-color palette, stripe’s versatility is kicked … Continued

Shopping at Home: Wallpapered Furniture

One of the easiest ways to green your interiors is to go, what I call, “shopping at home.” Repurposing what you already own to make it new again is always better for the environment than purchasing something new! My post yesterday on the repurposed, wallpapered dresser I found at the Upper West Side boutique ShiShi … Continued

Orange You Glad it’s a Trend?

Citrus hues are popping up everywhere in the fashion world right now, from the collections of Burberry to Dior. If you’ve developed an orange crush, why not take the trend into your home? The color palette of lemony yellows, lime greens and bold oranges is just like a fruit cocktail—fresh, fun with a splash of … Continued

Green Decorating: Start with the FLOR!

Think of building your home’s green décor like you’d build a wardrobe—piece by piece. Focus on versatile basics and when you find yourself bored with a look, simply switch things up…just as effective as a trip to the mall! When I design a room I take a similar stance: I begin with a versatile flooring … Continued

Personalized Decor: The Silhouette

  I believe that if you fill your home with personal items that you love and cherish, when you go out into the world, that happiness will follow you wherever you go. That’s what my mantra, “Confidence Begins at Home!™” is all about. I recently found a great example of personalized decor at the Jonathan Adler store on … Continued

Translating Trends: Brass is Back

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Everything old is new again! Just like shag carpet and wallpaper, brass has gone in-and-out of style for decades. The retro metal has been making resurgence as of late thanks to celebrity designers such as Kelly Wearstler, who has been incorporating it heavily into her room … Continued

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute: Cleopatra and the Klismos Chair

In honor of the late and great Elizabeth Taylor, inspiration for today’s Daily Design comes from her 1963 classic film, Cleopatra. The movie is a visual delight, glittered with period costumes, dramatic make-up and inspiring sets and furniture.   Many of the over-the-top Egyptian furniture designs wouldn’t translate so well today–can you imagine sitting down … Continued