Fresh Design for Spring Shopping Guide

Happy Spring Fabulistas! At this time of year, I can usually be found enjoying a crisp glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe or strolling the city streets admiring New York in full bloom, but this spring looks a bit different for most of us. Spending more time indoors means we’re all taking an audit … Continued

Make Work From Home Work For You

Hoping this post finds you well, Fabulistas! In an unprecedented era when most of us find ourselves spending more time at home than ever, the very definition of the word “home” has changed. It continues to adapt and flex to fit our modern lives, embracing change with each new curveball. Today, it may take on … Continued

How to Decorate Your Miami Vacation Home

Hey Fabulistas! With beautiful weather and rich culture, Miami is an ideal destination for a vacation home. The decor of your home away from home should reflect your own unique style as well as the surrounding location. Today Robin Baron show you my favorite decor details to give your Miami vacation home and unmistakable air of luxury! The view from this … Continued

Red Hot Valentine’s Home Decor

Happy Valentine’s Day Fabulistas! Red, the color of love, is one of interior designer Robin Baron’s favorite colors to use in home decor. It creates an elegant and sexy look and can be the perfect pop of color you’re looking for! Try adding a few red pieces to your home for a vibrant update. Feeling bold? Add red … Continued

A Look into the White House Interior Design

Happy Tuesday Fabulistas! As we get ready to approach a new president entering the White House this week, I am reflecting on the impact interior design has had on this beautiful home. While some elements of the White House interior have been preserved, others have been changed based on the style of the first family. I’m … Continued

Making Waves of Creativity!

My dear Fabulistas!! If you ever feel a wonderfully unexpected influx of creative ideas while in the shower or the tub, you’re not alone! It is a known fact that showers have a stimulating effect on a creative mind. And it’s even rumored that Albert Einstein did his best thinking in the shower. Image courtesy … Continued

5 Happy Home, Happy Weekend Inspirations

Fabulistas! The weekend is upon us! It’s amazing what a few inspired days can do to renew and refresh your outlook and positivity. If you’re like me, spending time at home is one of those precious gifts we give ourselves. After all, your home is your sanctuary and sets the scene for fabulous living! On … Continued

5 Dorm Room Decor Inspirations from Instagram

Hi Fabulistas! Going away to college is filled with new faces, new classes and a new home!  It’s an exciting time and one of those rites of passage we get to experience as we move into adulthood.  Once on campus, your new home away from home will most likely be the dorms where you’ll create lasting memories and begin … Continued

Breaking Black: Breaking Color Rules

Hi Fabulistas! You know that saying about learning the rules so you know how to break them? That’s how I feel about color theory! We know color and emotion go hand in hand, right? … Think about how a sunset makes you feel, how a bouquet of flowers makes you smile or the fun clothes … Continued

Contemporary Inspiration from Dwell On Design

Fabulistas! I’m back from the gathering of all things contemporary design, known as Dwell On Design in Los Angeles! The sun was shining, the weather was warm and the designs couldn’t be more on point! It was an exciting show and I want to share with you the beautiful wares that caught my attention! I … Continued

Let’s Dwell On Design!

Hi Fabulistas! I’ve headed to the land of palm trees and modern architecture to attend the Dwell On Design show in Los Angeles! Image courtesy Dwell  If you love the clean lines and sleek finishes reminiscent of the 1950’s and 60’s, then this is the show for you! Dwell On Design takes place June 24-26 … Continued

Fabulous Finishes!

High Point Market is a great time for new design inspiration. It’s the time when furniture and accessory manufacturers showcase their new products and collections. At this Spring Market, I spotted a number of new trends that were apparent in the “Fabulous Finishes” in many collections. This season’s Top Three Trends are: Matte Gold, Textured … Continued

Events in May!

Hi Fabulistas, With May only days away it’s time to put away umbrellas from April’s showers and welcome the warmer seasons with all the fabulousness that May has to offer. From New York, to Los Angeles, and everything in between (the South is inviting you to some great events this year!) it’s time to start … Continued


  Pre-bloom. First Bloom. Peak Bloom. Post-Peak Bloom. Like the seasons of the year  – a cherry blossom goes through four stages from birth to fruition.The end of April celebrates this special occasion with  a bouquet of these beauties at your disposal! On April 30th –  May 1st,  Brooklyn Botanical Gardens hosts Sakura Matsuri, its … Continued

Design Insider: Accessories

Fabulistas, Accessories are the best way to transform a home and add your own personality. Much like pieces of jewelry, the most personal way to design a space is to use eclectic design elements that accentuate personal taste. Here are some tips… When you use accessories the most important element is layering. Layering in design creates drama. Think … Continued

Design Insider: Art

Fabulistas, A picture is worth a thousand words…and these beautiful art pieces each have their own story to tell. I like to start with a clean slate so that we can see what the client really wants, and then we source pieces that fit in with their aesthetic. After we define what’s in a client’s … Continued

Design Insider: Top Home Decor Trends

Fabulistas, Rich and luxe effects will take center stage in 2016, but no need to panic if you are more partial to subdued metallic effects! Check out these top trends for the home… Fringe – “As seen in Traditional Home,” A tieback is an opportunity to add a layer of detail to your home. This … Continued

Design Insider: Glenn Gissler’s Top InCollect Picks

Fabulistas, My good friend, philanthropist, collector and interior designer Glenn Gissler was chosen to select his favorite objects from InCollect! He said, “I look for object of any era that have distinctive silhouettes and are ‘bi-lingual’ – that is the objects speak to the time they were made, while speaking to today – a sign for me that the … Continued

Design Insider: Glenn Gissler in Introspective Magazine

Fabulistas, My good friend, philanthropist, collector and interior designer Glenn Gissler is featured in Introspective Magazine. Glenn has consulted for and designed residences for lots of high profile clients, including Calvin Klein and Michael Kors! Glenn is currently in the process of donating 1,000 (yes, one thousand!) items to his alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design! Read … Continued

Design Insider: Man “Caves”

Fabulistas, today’s man needs a quiet space of his own to ruminate, relax and read. Wikipedia defines a man cave as, “a manspace, a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.” While I’m not one to quibble with Wikipedia, I do prefer the term “manspace” and I think … Continued

Design Insider: Design on a Dime 2015

Hola Fabulistas! If you’ve been following me on social media and reading the blog, then you know I’m simply overjoyed (not to mention honored!) to be participating in Housing Works’ Design on a Dime benefit event on April 23rd for the THIRD time! There’s so much buzz happening about this event, I hope you’re following … Continued

Simplifying NYC: Best Rooftop Bars

Hello Fabulistas! Summer is one of my favorite times of year! I love being outside, hanging out in the warm weather. Winters are very long here in New York, so we have to embrace the warmth while we can! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit rooftops. On NYC rooftops … Continued

Design Insider: Designer Vacation Homes

Happy Monday, Fabulistas! I’m curious, what do you look for when planning a vacation? I obviously look for someplace FAB to stay! I love exploring new places, but sometimes I need to take a few days and relax. When I get away I like to find a gorgeous designer home somewhere exotic. I turn to … Continued

Simplifying NYC: Great Gatsby Style Hangouts

Hello Fabulistas! I’m just dying to The Great Gatsby! The scenes and outfits look so extravagant and elegant. When I see period films I leave the theater wanting to live in that time period and visit the places the characters visited. Does that happen to you to? I’m prepping for the movie by listing NYC’s Great Gatsby … Continued

Europe Roundup: Top 10 Cities in Europe

Hello lovelies! When it’s this cold out all I can think about is vacation! I adore Europe…the architecture, the culture, the food! I just can’t get enough! There are so many fabulous cities in Europe, I want to go everywhere and see everything! It’s hard for me to narrow down my top 10, let alone … Continued

January: What’s Hot This Month

January is one of my favorite months of the year. (No, I’m not just really into blistering winds and bundling up.) I love all of the new things going on in the world. It’s AMAZING what a new calendar year will make people create! There are lots of things that have grabbed my attention this … Continued