How to Update Your Backyard for Entertaining.

Happy Tuesday Fabulistas! It’s time to start thinking about outdoor updates you are looking to make to your home for warmer weather. Whether you’re hosting a party outside this summer, or just looking for a serene area to retreat to, these simple updates will turn your backyard into a paradise! String lights and assorted light shapes … Continued

Easy Updates All Around Your Home

Hey Fabulistas! Are your 2017 resolutions in full swing? Was updating your home on the to-do list?  You don’t need to do a full renovation to create an updated style and decor all around your home. Today I want to share a few quick and easy home updates you can do to bring out the best of your … Continued

Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter Decor

Hey Fabulistas! Our champagne is popped and I’m ready for everything 2017 has in store! As we get ready to welcome another year, I’m showing you how to transition your holiday decor to elegant winter decor. Freshen up your home with decor that will last you through all of the winter months. Down goes the Christmas Tree. Or … Continued

A New Years Resolution: Organization

We’re nearing the end of 2016 Fabulistas! It’s the resolution that doesn’t seem to go away! Year after year we say we’ll be more organized whether at home, at the office, or just in general. It can be a daunting task but I’m here to show you how styling a fabulous area of your home or … Continued

Last Minute Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hey Fabulistas! With only a few days left until Christmas, I know some of you are scrambling to get all of those gifts wrapped! Today I’m showing you how to create fabulous holiday packaging with just a few items! Get started by finding these festive pieces either at your local craft store or in your … Continued

6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Summer Tablescape!

Happy Summer, Fabulistas! Greet your guests with a stunning table display for your summer parties! When you know the secrets, it’s easy to design a table that draws in your guests for delightful conversation set against a delectable dinner. From whimsical to formal, inside or out, use these tips to create your own beautiful display! … Continued

How To: Clutter Cures

Clutter! What a dirty word! Not only does it make you feel overwhelmed, but it can actually prevent you from focusing on your goals and responsibilities. Whether in Feng Shui, or common sense, it diminishes good energy. Clearing clutter in your living areas, closets, and work spaces will let energy flow more freely, allowing you to … Continued

How to: Spruce Up for Spring

Although Mother Nature just delivered a thick blanket of snow (and ice! and rain!) to us Fabulistas of the Northeast — Spring, quite literally, is right around the corner! At this time of year my design senses start to tingle, edging me on to freshen my space and release some items on to their next … Continued

Smart Floor Plans: How to Divide Small Spaces

Hello Fabulistas! New York City is full of beautiful old buildings with oddly shaped floor plans. It’s one of the things that make working as an interior designer here thrilling! That means finding creative solutions to divide small spaces. Here are some of my favorite ways to divvy up open floor plans. Folding Screens Folding … Continued

How to: Set a Fabulous Thanksgiving Table

Hello Fabulistas! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m sure you have already started thinking about your menu… now it’s time to think about the environment you want to create for your guests. That includes how you’re going to set your table! Think about creating a tablescape. Think outside the box, and have fun … Continued

5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Halloween

Hello Fabulistas! Halloween is a wonderful time of year. It’s a great time to experiment with fun home décor. From the spooky to the spook-tacular, you can find inspiration everywhere!   Credit: Pinterest Candy in a Pumpkin Halloween or not, pumpkins are a must-have item for the fall! You can use them for home décor … Continued

Sole Envy: How to Organize Shoe Closets

Hello Fabulistas! We’ve talked decluttering your closet and storing winter coats. Now it’s time to delve deeper into one of the most glamorous storage subjects, shoe closets. A full-fledged closet isn’t always an option, but we can learn a thing or two from these footwear-dedicated rooms. Here are ideas on how to build your own … Continued

Like Home: How To Design A Luxe Guest Room

Hello Fabulistas! I love staying away from home, especially at hotels. Sleeping in another room is a treat when it’s luxe and well-designed. I like to recreate a luxurious hotel stay for my guests. Here are a few ways I design my guest room. Use soothing colors Most luxurious guest rooms are not bright and … Continued

Glam Above: How To Deck Out Your Ceilings

Hello Fabulistas! Ceilings are often overlooked when decorating a room. Painting your ceiling white is always a classic, fab look. Although, the options are endless if you want to deck our your ceilings! So why not go full-out glam? There are several ways to glam up your space using “the fifth wall”. Integrate your design … Continued

How To Go Minimalist With Personality

Hello Fabulistas! I adore minimalist decor, but it’s not easy to achieve. Sometimes it comes across as a little sterile, like no one would call the space home. It seems like a simple concept: Don’t clutter your space, and it will appear clean and fresh. However, you have to add personality and interest so the space … Continued

How To Make (Or Fake) Floral Prints

Hello Fabulistas! Bringing floral patterns into your home is a great way to extend summer into the upcoming fall season. While I love using floral prints, I also love using real flowers, preserving them and using them in unique ways throughout my space. Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to use real, and not so … Continued

Light Bright: How To Work Candle Light

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve been thinking of interesting ways to light the home. After all, well-lit rooms feel happier! I like to find unique ways to light all four corners of a room. Candles are a fabulous way to bring light into a space while adding a little glamour. Here are a few ways I like … Continued

Design Focus: How To Create An Outdoor Room

Hello Fabulistas! If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, you’ve probably thought about creating an outdoor room. I love being able to sit outdoors to read, enjoy a meal, or entertain friends. Outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather in a fabulously designed room! I’ve put together a few tips to help … Continued

Design Focus: How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Hello Fabulistas! When I walk into a space I always check out the accessories. How you accessorize your home represents you. It’s what separates your home and your personalities from any other home on the block. A coffee table can be the most difficult thing to decorate, because you have SO many options! Here are … Continued

Rockin’ Rugs: Decorating with Patterned Rugs

Hello Fabulistas! Many of you have asked me about decorating with pattern lately. It can be difficult to use pattern in your space and make it look like it belongs. Sometimes I use patterns in upholstery or accessories, and sometimes in wallpaper. Today I want to discuss using patterned rugs. They make a great impact. … Continued

Simplifying Delicious: Fab Spring Cocktails

I love using seasonal ingredients in my cooking, and especially in my cocktails! I’m a huge fan of cocktails with fresh fruits and bright colors. They make my parties so much better and they photograph so well! I have a few girlfriends coming over this weekend and I’ll be putting together a cheese plate and … Continued

Nerdy Chic: Organizing & Decorating Your Bookcase

Hello Fabulistas! I thought we’d get a little nerdy today. I always notice how bookcases are decorated and organized. I notice them everywhere—at bars and restaurants, in homes and even on displays. Even though bookcases are made for storage, they’re also built-in artwork! We can store our things and make the bookcase look fabulous at … Continued

Homemade Hosting: DIY Place Cards

Hello lovelies! I love hosting parties and events for my friends. When I’m short on time, I make a few quick appetizers, a batch of cocktails, and let my friends mingle. (See my easy appetizer ideas I talked about in January!) When I have a little more time to plan, I like to take care … Continued

Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! Today is the day of RED. You know I love color, so I couldn’t let go of this opportunity to share some red eye-candy with you. Red is the color of LOVE. There’s something about this color… it’s deep tones… it’s many shades… the emotion you feel when you see it. Whether … Continued

Color Me Excited: My Fave Spring Colors

Believe it or not, spring it right around the corner. I know, it’s hard to believe that here in New York – it’s freezing! Before you know it the sun will be out and it’ll be time for some spring cleaning and my fave…redecorating! I always say, surround yourself with colors that make you look … Continued

Simplifying Delicious: Fab Christmas Cookies

It’s time to start planning the Christmas menus. I love to eat something sweet at the end of a meal…or the beginning of a meal…or anytime, really! When it comes to fabulous Christmas cookies, I adore Martha Stewart‘s recipes. Martha is not just a fab entrepreneur and woman extraordinaire, she’s also a fab designer and chef! Every … Continued

How-To: Choose the Perfect Vacation Spot

If you’ve been shopping and gifting like me, you could use a vacation right about…well…now! Sometimes the stress of planning a trip can be so overwhelming. Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Today, I’m sharing my vacay planning tips in 5 quick and easy steps…are you ready to get packing? Source: via 1. Where do you want … Continued

How-To: Decorate for Thanksgiving

The crisp fall weather is here, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner because, well, I get to decorate! Orange and brown are traditional holiday colors, but I like to mix it up and add a modern twist. This year, I’m thinking of going all white with splashes of … Continued

How-To: Create a Thanksgiving Vignette

Vignettes are a fantastic way to create little bursts of holiday love in your home. A vignette can be placed anywhere… a side table, fireplace mantle, window sill, so use your imagination! source: via The easiest and most elegant way to create a vignette is to use candles. Candles are timeless and look very luxe. source: via … Continued

How-To: Decorate For Halloween

I love Halloween, because it’s the one time of year you can be anything (or anyone) in the world! There’s nothing I love more than decorating my own home…and what better occasion than Halloween to go wild?! I always say “find your own fabulous,” so be creative here… invest in a few large pumpkins for … Continued