Robin Baron Showroom Opening Day at #HPMKT !

The Robin Baron showroom is officially open at High Point Market!! It has always been a dream of mine to create a home furnishing collection and so I’m happy to participate in this market week as an exhibitor. I’ve been designing custom furniture, rugs and lighting for many years for my private clients and I’m … Continued

Create The Perfect Home Office

It’s the start of a great week fabulistas! Today I’m sharing fabulous designs for your home office. Adding this room can create a beautiful workspace while increasing your storage and organization. But, don’t mistake “office” for bleak and boring! Create a space you enjoy retreating to that helps boost your motivation any day! This open … Continued

Through My Eyes: One Brainy Backyard

Inspired by science and mathematics, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland is a one-of-a-kind garden! Intelligently-designed sculptures, terraces, bridges, architectural structures, and sculptured landscapes make this 30-acre property truly breathtaking. Instead of flowers, you’ll see that the focus is on shapes, illustrated by various monuments found throughout the grounds. The garden is located in … Continued

DOAD Vendor Spotlight: Zimmer + Rohde, Tucker Robbins, Erika Brunson

Hello Fabulistas! Like with any well-designed room, my vignette for Housing Works’ Design on a Dime is full of details large and small that come together for a glamorous experience. Here are my trusted vendors for today that have been generous enough to donate refined furnishings for this wonderful, charitable event. Zimmer + Rohde This family-owned … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: April

Hello Fabulistas! It’s been a hectic March around the design office. April is packed with promising, exciting events and launches in the design world. There’s a whole range of new things to be excited about this spring! DXV by American Standard launch Kitchens and baths are just one of many opportunities for luxury in the … Continued

DOAD Vendor Spotlight: John Richard, Cristina Dos Santos, PTMD Collection, Palecek

Hello Fabulistas! There are so many beautiful products going into my room vignette for Housing Works’ charitable event, Design on a Dime 2014. No matter the scale, each item from my generous vendors is helping me realize my vision. These product resources are some of my favorites for everyday design projects, too. Here’s why I treasure today’s … Continued

DOAD Vendor Spotlight: Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, J. Robert Scott, Nancy Corzine, Silver Peacock

Hello Fabulistas! Creating my room vignette for Housing Works’ big night, Design on a Dime 2014, is such a treat. I’m pulling wonderful products that my generous vendors have donated for the great cause. These resources are some of my regular go-tos for fulfilling design visions. Here’s why I adore today’s highlighted vendors. Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman … Continued

DOAD Vendor Spotlight: Arteriors, Interior Crafts, Lorin Marsh, Nicholas Antiques

Hello Fabulistas!  Design on a Dime 2014 booth. I’m having a great time sharing these special vendors who have graciously donated beautiful merchandise for my vignette for Housing Works’ special event. Arteriors If it’s hot, it’s part of the Arteriors collection! This fashion-forward company partners with artisans and manufacturers around the world to produce impressive, on-trend lighting, … Continued

Flashy Tomes: Top Picks for #Bookshelves on Instagram

Hello Fabulistas! Books are one of the best home accessories because they’re beautiful and functional. I’m always adding to and rearranging my own bookshelves for a fresh look. When I’m feeling short on inspiration, I turn to Instagram for ideas from the oft-used tag #bookshelves. Here are a few recent interesting styling choices via Instagram. Luxe, fruity … Continued

DOAD Vendor Spotlight: Robert Allen | Beacon Hill, Christopher Hyland

Hello Fabulistas! The hard work continues on pulling together a stunning and interesting room vignette for Housing Works’ special event, Design on a Dime 2014. I already have incredible furnishings from my generous donors that will be available to purchase at this great event for an important cause. As you know, I’ve been telling you about my … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: March

Hello Fabulistas! I can’t believe it’s already March! I’m in the midst of designing my room vignette for Design on a Dime, so I’ve been doing all kinds of market research. Here are the design trends that are occupying my thoughts this month. GOOP x Rablabs line Gwyneth Paltrow’s namesake brand is constantly releasing impressive … Continued

Design Insider: Pantone Spring Color Trends

Hello Fabulistas! When you’re looking for influencers’ opinions on trending colors, the go-to source is Pantone. By now you’ve heard about and seen Radiant Orchid everywhere! Now let’s focus on other colors that are trending right now for spring. Dazzling Blue Dedicating a whole room to a bold, saturated color can be beautiful! But it … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: February

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you weathered this brutal January. Let’s just say I’m glad I have some fabulous snow boots! I’m concentrating on finding distractions from the weather this month. Here are some of my favorite finds. Live edge tables Often we’re so concerned with styling coffee tables that fabulously designed coffee tables are overlooked. … Continued

Double Duty: Top Picks for Oversized Ottomans

Hello Fabulistas! Space is at a premium in New York City and I design for my clients accordingly. They’re always hosting events in their homes so it’s important to create versatile design with extra seating. Oversized ottomans are always a sure bet for flexible seating. Here are some of my top picks. from Robin Baron … Continued

Fab Feet: Top Picks for Fall Boots

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve already shared my secrets for how to keep your winter coats looking chic. Now let’s chat fall boots. I practically live in the style staple! It’s tough to narrow down just a few that I love, but these are the chicest that capture some of my favorite design elements. Hard and soft … Continued

Like Home: How To Design A Luxe Guest Room

Hello Fabulistas! I love staying away from home, especially at hotels. Sleeping in another room is a treat when it’s luxe and well-designed. I like to recreate a luxurious hotel stay for my guests. Here are a few ways I design my guest room. Use soothing colors Most luxurious guest rooms are not bright and … Continued

November: What’s Hot This Month

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you’re still enjoying all your Halloween candy, too! Now we’re in November and the holiday season is upon us. There’s a lot of excitement with prep for the holidays. But, there are lots of other FAB things going on this month. Here are some of my favorite things about this November. … Continued

Step Inside: Top Picks for DIY Welcome Mats

Hello Fabulistas! All of this talk of curb appeal and decorating for the holidays has me thinking about ways to step up entry ways year-round. You’d be surprised by how much a fresh, chic welcome mat will improve your entry way. What a chic shortcut! (It’s also a great addition to prep your home for holiday … Continued

Simplifying NYC: Top Picks for Hot Chocolate

Hello Fabulistas! Although I’m starting to miss the heat of summer, I’m excited for fall and winter. That’s because it’s hot chocolate season! Hot chocolate is one of my favorite cold weather drinks. It’s sugary, delicious and makes me feel like a kid again! There are several places to get a fab hot chocolate in … Continued

Glam Above: How To Deck Out Your Ceilings

Hello Fabulistas! Ceilings are often overlooked when decorating a room. Painting your ceiling white is always a classic, fab look. Although, the options are endless if you want to deck our your ceilings! So why not go full-out glam? There are several ways to glam up your space using “the fifth wall”. Integrate your design … Continued

PreFAB: Top Picks for Faux Pumpkins

Hello Fabulistas! Carving a pumpkin is a time-honored Halloween tradition. However, I do love having decorations to hold on to year after year. I’ve been on the hunt for some preFAB pumpkins that I can buy at the last minute for a glam Halloween bash I’m throwing. Here are some of my top contendors. Silver … Continued

Top Picks: Fab Fall Wreaths

Hello Fabulistas! Fall has finally arrived, and I’m loving the brisk weather and excuse to wear cozy sweaters. Of course, there are the decorating opportunities, too! One of the first things that I think about when the cool weather rolls in is what kind of wreath I’m going to hang on my front door. Here … Continued

How To Go Minimalist With Personality

Hello Fabulistas! I adore minimalist decor, but it’s not easy to achieve. Sometimes it comes across as a little sterile, like no one would call the space home. It seems like a simple concept: Don’t clutter your space, and it will appear clean and fresh. However, you have to add personality and interest so the space … Continued

Off The Rack: Top Picks for Magazine Storage

Hello Fabulistas! I don’t know about you, but I’m a voracious magazine reader. Fashion, pop culture–and of course–design mags all fill my mail every month. I find entertainment and lots of inspiration from the glossy pages. I keep lots of file folders full of tear sheets to use as references while I’m designing for clients. … Continued

Product of The Week: Gunmetal Heath Vase

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I absolutely love vases. They’re the ultimate transitional home decor piece. I love to play musical chairs with the vases in my home when I’m bored–or simply inspired to look at my surroundings in a different way. Speaking of transitions, the seasons are changing … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: September

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day vacation. There are so many exciting things going on this month and I’m ready to dip into fall! Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week September is always a fabulous and fashionable month in New York City with the arrival of fashion week! This year’s spring shows last … Continued

How To Make (Or Fake) Floral Prints

Hello Fabulistas! Bringing floral patterns into your home is a great way to extend summer into the upcoming fall season. While I love using floral prints, I also love using real flowers, preserving them and using them in unique ways throughout my space. Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to use real, and not so … Continued

Lunch To Go: Top Picks for Chic Lunchboxes

Hello Fabulistas! I always get a little nostalgic when it’s back-to-school time. It makes me think of fab, exciting things like choosing backpacks and lunch boxes. Very important things! For kids, these two school must-haves are the primary form of self expression. Lots of adults take their lunches to work, too. So why not do … Continued

Product of The Week: Turbulence Mirror

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve been working on a project recently that has required me to pick out some creative mirror options for a client. She wanted lots of mirrors in her space, specifically some with a major dose of personality! I was thrilled to hear–and fulfill–her request. Sometimes it’s so easy to buy things for your home … Continued

Light Bright: How To Work Candle Light

Hello Fabulistas! I’ve been thinking of interesting ways to light the home. After all, well-lit rooms feel happier! I like to find unique ways to light all four corners of a room. Candles are a fabulous way to bring light into a space while adding a little glamour. Here are a few ways I like … Continued

Simplifying Delicious: Fab NYC Desserts

Hello Fabulistas! New Yorkers are always looking for the next best thing: bars, restaurants, fashion and even food. There’s always a new restaurant to try, a new cocktail we MUST have and of course a new dessert hot on the scene. I’ve put together a list of some fab desserts here in NYC that I’m … Continued

Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

Hello Fabulistas! I love searching for unusual chandeliers for my clients. A chandelier is a statement piece. It can speak volumes about you, your personality and your home! A well-lit room feels happier, and a room lit by a gorgeous chandelier feels FAB! I like to find the most unique chandeliers around. Here are a few of … Continued

Fab Friday: Jessica Marx

Hello Fabulistas and happy Friday! Today I’m putting the spotlight on a fab interior designer who not only has a thriving career, but also a great blog, Jessica Marx! Robin Baron: Welcome, Jessica. Tell us a bit about what you do. Jessica Marx: I’m a Los Angeles based interior designer and business owner. I graduated from … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: August

Hello Fabulistas! The end of summer is within site, so that means that it’s time to get in lots of fun before it cools down. H&M Home online! I’ve heard rants and raves about H&M home goods available in other countries, but we unfortunately haven’t had access to these things until now! H&M e-commerce went … Continued

Top Picks: Sophisticated Wall Decals

Hello Fabulistas! Have you tried decorating with wall decals yet? I’m really interested in them because it’s a quick way to fab up your space. You can easily apply them and change the look of your room in seconds! The trick is finding the right decals for your space. I found some fabulous sophisticated wall … Continued

Product of the Week: Circles of Life 1

Hello Fabulistas! Need an interior designer’s touch? Be sure to check out Shop Robin for my hand-selected interior goods and do your place a favor! Breathe life into tired walls with organic shapes of Kelly Ingram’s beautiful “Circles of Life 1”. How would you hang this in your space?

Product of The Week: Lime Cubby Vase

Hello Fabulistas! There’s great things going on in the Shop Robin section of my website and here’s just one of my current faves! Check out this fab piece and get the shopping info below! Highlight the vibrancy of your favorite summer garden pickings with this zingy lime-accented vase. It’s sure to become your new classic! … Continued

Product of The Week: Floral Bouquet Table Lamp

Hello Fabulistas! I’m excited to share a new feature on Simplifying Fabulous, the Product of The Week! Sometimes you just need that one accent to complete a room’s look. Shop Robin is filled to the brim with just those accents! So I’m going to highlight a fab piece from my shop each week. Bring a … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: July

Hello Fabulistas! We’re in the full swing of summer and I’m fully embracing this heat and humidity. (My hair is another story, though.) In the nature of that, so many of the things I’m loving right now have to do with the outdoors and seasonably warm weather. from Pinterest Mother of Pearl What’s old is … Continued

Simplifying Delicious: All About Avocados

Hello Fabulistas! Do you love avocados as much as I do? I recently realized that I look for avocados on menus whenever I eat out, they’re constantly on my grocery list, and I try to use them in every meal! While overeating is never good, avocados have so many health benefits, including containing Omega 3. … Continued

Design Insider: Fabulous Moldings

Hello Fabulistas! I adore traditional details in homes, especially if they are paired with other styles, creating a more personal space. Many new construction projects don’t have the traditional feel I like, so I add my own details! One way to add character to a home is to add molding. Clever, right?! Here are a … Continued

Fab Friday: The Kissters

Happy Friday, Fabulistas! This week I chatted with a pair of lifestyle bloggers, The Kissters, who are making a mark in all corners of the Internet! You know that I’m all about simplifying your life and these ladies are all about lessening the impact on your wallet. Who doesn’t love that? Read on for to … Continued

Top Picks: Fab Summer Place Settings

Hello Fabulistas! We’ve been talking a lot about bright, summer colors, which can be used throughout your home. You can use them not only to decorate your interiors but also in your summer place settings. A well decorated table makes food taste better, don’t you think? Summer is a great time to play around with … Continued

Simplifying NYC: Best Rooftop Bars

Hello Fabulistas! Summer is one of my favorite times of year! I love being outside, hanging out in the warm weather. Winters are very long here in New York, so we have to embrace the warmth while we can! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit rooftops. On NYC rooftops … Continued

Tuesday’s Trends: Wicker

Hello Fabulistas! If you’ve been keeping up with SF lately, you’ve probably noticed that I’m thinking a lot about spending time outside. The weather is just irresistible! I also have wicker on the mind because it’s a classic staple of outdoor furniture. Don’t be mistaken. Wicker isn’t boring! Here are some of my favorite wicker … Continued

Fab Friday Icons: Liberace

Hello Fabulistas! To kick off the beautiful (and hot) weekend, I wanted to highlight the style of someone who’s very popular right now, Liberace. The new HBO movie starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon called Behind The Candelabra has lots of people reexamining the legend’s over-the-top style. You know I can appreciate some fab style! … Continued

Simplifying Delicious: Summer-y Sangrias

Hello Fabulistas! Spring (and summer) are in the air, and that means it’s time to put away the winter drinks! When the weather is this nice and the breeze is warm I like to sip on something cool and refreshing. There’s nothing like a nice, cool sangria to get me in the summer-y mood. Do … Continued

Top Picks: Hot Beach Reads

Hello Fabulistas! I’m SO excited for beach season! It’s finally getting warm here in New York City and I’m ready to hit the beach with my new tote, flip flops and a pile of HOT beach reads! Like you, I need a vacation. I can’t wait to get some sun, sip on a mojito and … Continued

Top Picks: Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

Hello, Fabulistas! Last week I shared a few tips on how you can create your own outdoor room. Today I’m focusing on the outdoor furniture. If you’re not in the design business, you may not know where to turn when shopping for furniture. Outdoor furniture is even more difficult to find because it’s seasonal. Here … Continued

Simplifying NYC: Great Gatsby Style Hangouts

Hello Fabulistas! I’m just dying to The Great Gatsby! The scenes and outfits look so extravagant and elegant. When I see period films I leave the theater wanting to live in that time period and visit the places the characters visited. Does that happen to you to? I’m prepping for the movie by listing NYC’s Great Gatsby … Continued

Design Focus: How To Create An Outdoor Room

Hello Fabulistas! If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, you’ve probably thought about creating an outdoor room. I love being able to sit outdoors to read, enjoy a meal, or entertain friends. Outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather in a fabulously designed room! I’ve put together a few tips to help … Continued

Simplifying Life: Organize Your Beauty Products

Hello Fabulistas! While spring cleaning this season, I thought I’d tackle my beauty products. I have so many lipsticks, eye shadows and creams that I don’t use, I’m overwhelmed every morning! Last weekend I finally sat down and sorted through everything and finally got organized. I feel so much better and my mornings are going by much … Continued

What’s Hot This Month: May

Hello Fabulistas and happy May! It’s finally feeling like spring here in New York and I’m so excited for everything this month has in store. There are so many fabulous things going on as a warm-up to this summer! Runway-worthy bicycles You can buy just about anything from your fashion designer nowadays, even down to … Continued

Design on a Dime: Recap

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I used mine to recover from the whirlwind that was Housing Works Design on a Dime 2013! I had a fabulous time, met some great designers and took in all kinds of amazing design displays! Here’s mine before the big event right after I finished setting … Continued

Design Focus: How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Hello Fabulistas! When I walk into a space I always check out the accessories. How you accessorize your home represents you. It’s what separates your home and your personalities from any other home on the block. A coffee table can be the most difficult thing to decorate, because you have SO many options! Here are … Continued