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Where Aren't Thou, Velvet?

To a true fashionista (or a true decorista, shall we?) even the most luxurious looks can be translated into ready-to-wear. Maybe that’s why this year’s fall runway had a dare I say “Shakespearian” flair to it! Far from the days of Romeo and Juliet, though, velvet fashion has become SUPER versatile…from this menswear-inspired Ralph Lauren look to the ultra feminine MCQ and everything in between!

If you read parts one and two of my Fall Décor Trends segment, you know that I’ve named velvet as one of the top trends look for in décor this season, and I can’t help but think that this surge in velvety interiors was inspired by all the velvety fabulousness on the runway! So to make sure that we derive every ounce of inspiration from our neighbors in the fashion world, I’m going to share my favorite ways that I’m seeing this trend translated into the home. I've detected some fantabulous examples of tufted velvet lately…especially in sofas, like these below!

Sometimes I even stumble upon a completely unexpected example of tufted velvet…like this fabulous turquoise mirror! It totally caught me by surprise when I was shopping the other day! I like this look because when you give velvet a little bit of shape, you really get to show off its sheen. It’s such a great way to make the most of the fabric! Velvet is so easy to manipulate, and techniques that would look “blah” in any other fabric look super glam in velvet. Take this pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters. If I saw it in a cotton, I might not be so wowed…but in velvet, it’s mega chic! I feel the same way about this red hot chair from Graham and Green. It’s a fab color, so retro, and yet it’s the sleek look of that velvet that brings the look together! Stay tuned for more fashion-inspired décor trends! It’s all part of my new super fashiony, super trendy Translating Trends. In the coming weeks, I’ll translate trends like reptile, military, and even menswear into the world of home décor. The possibilities are endless (and more fabulous than ever!). Photo Credit: Fall Runway: bestofdress.blogspot.com Tufted Couch #1: greigedesign.blogspot.com Tufted Couch #2: overstock.com Round Pintuck Pillow: urbanoutfitters.com Red Velvet Chair: grahamandgreen.co.uk

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