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Tuesday’s Trends: Soft Pastels

Hello Fabulistas! The New Year is a time to refresh and reevaluate. Pastel colors have always felt fresh to me, especially after a season of saturated traditional holiday colors. Here are some of the pastel looks I'm embracing right now. room

from seventeendoors

Minty cake stand Unique cake stands make fabulous hostess gifts, but I love this mint green one to hold on to for myself. These great entertaining pieces work well for more than full-size cakes. I love to serve cupcakes and party favors from them. They're also great for organizing beauty products on cramped bathroom counters! cake

from Fishs Eddy

Dainty playing cards

Playing cards are one of those accessories that are a must to have nearby. My loved ones and I will play cards at parties and on vacation, so I love to have a chic set on hand. An interesting design can help distract from an out-of-practice poker face!


from J.Crew

Polka dot washi tape

Washi tape has become a staple for crafts and design projects. I adore collecting different colorful and patterned tapes to have on hand when the need arises. They're fabulous for adorning gifts and accessories.


from Etsy

Peacock headboard

When I'm designing a room for a client, I always have an idea in mind but look for pieces to guide my decor choices. If I saw a piece like this, I'd be inspired to design a bright, fabulous room!


from Pinterest

Which pastel looks are you loving right now? Would you use any of these pastel pieces to brighten up your decor in the New Year? Have a fabulous New Year's!

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