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Tuesday's Trends: Bamboo Revival

Hello Fabulistas! I love design with an Asian influence, and bamboo furnishings keep popping up in my favorite magazines and blogs. This material has been a long-time favorite of mine, but it seemed to fall a bit out of favor in recent years. Yes, I saw it every now and then in a wonderful setting, but now I see it everywhere! Here are a few instances of stylish uses of bamboo I want to share. Bamboo Privacy Screen This has to be one of the easiest ways to use bamboo in your home! It makes for a lush, full privacy screen well-suited for canceling out city or neighborhood noise. Walking on a path lined with bamboo would feel like being transported to a remote paradise.


from JWT Associates Houzz

Bamboo Interior Wall Living in New York City means dealing with small apartment footprints. I think some of my clients would love this bamboo room divider solution!


from Arch-Interiors Design Group Houzz

Gilded Bamboo Details

It's no secret... I have a soft spot for metallics! So I love it when they collide with another current trend. The gold spray paint job on this coffee table frame highlights the faux bamboo details here for an extra glam highlight.


from Recently

White-Out Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo details, (faux or real), look just as fab when they're covered in stark white. There's something so fresh and coastal about this look. It would happily be at home in a cozy beach house.


from House of Turquoise

Colorful Bamboo Cutting Boards

I'm always for ways to add more color in your life! Kitchenware is an easy way to do that in no time flat! This cute DIY for color-coding cutting boards would keep things fun in the kitchen.


from Dream a Little Bigger

How do you use bamboo in your home? Did I miss any of your favorite uses? Let's chat in the comments below!

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