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Top Picks: Playful Storage Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Hello Fabulistas! One of my favorite rooms to design are kids' rooms. When designing for kids, you get to use your imagination, experiment with wild color combinations, and play with several geometrics. I feel kids' spaces should be inspiring and kids should want to be in their space at all times! In order to keep the space neat and clean, we have to get creative with our storage solutions. I like to find interesting nooks and crannies for kids to put their things away that integrate into the room and design. Here are my top picks for playful storage ideas for kids' rooms. Creative Desk Storage Kids, like adults, work best in a clutter-free environment. I like to add creative elements above and around kids' desks to encourage them to put things away. I like to hang their every day tools like mirrors and straight edges, and install colorful clip boards for fun and easy organizing.

from Charlotte Lovely

Toy/Storage Combos Kids respond best to toys. I love this rocking box, which opens up for storage. It doubles as a toy! Anytime I can find a two-in-one I go for it. It saves space and is super useful!

designed by Egle Kirdulyte

Playful Laundry Baskets It's so hard to get kids to put their dirty laundry in one spot! It's hard to get them to sit still for a second, too! I've found that kids like putting their laundry away if they're tossing it in something fun. There are several playful laundry baskets out there, but my favorite is this shark felt laundry basket. It's always a hit! playful storage for kids' rooms

from Etsy

Integrated Learning I like to integrate learning opportunities into my decor. Sometimes I paint phrases on closet doors, or the alphabet on storage bins. It's easy to include learning opportunities on things children use every day. You can take this one step further with numbers and math problems! playful storage for kids' rooms

from Pinterest

Simple and Colorful One of the biggest complaints I hear from moms is that kids lose things...puzzle pieces and games, pencils and pens, everything! I like to create little packets for kids to store each game or activity individually. You can pick up colorful or patterned zipper bags, which will be visually appealing for the children. This way, kids can pick up the exact activity they want to use and put everything back in place when they're done! playful storage for kids' rooms

from The Navy Stripe

Creating playful storage for kids' rooms can be easy! Use your imagination and find things that are easy to use. And remember, a little color and pattern go a long way! What's your favorite storage idea for kids' rooms?

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