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Through My Eyes: White-on-White-on-White

Fabulistas, all of you know that I am not shy when it comes to color and bold textures and patterns. But, ahhh, there's something about white that just makes its own statement. I love the white-on-white look in rooms full of unique architectural details. There’s something about this style that makes everyone feel positive and hopeful, and that all is good in the world. American Horror Story The boarding school from season three of American Horror Story is a grand home filled with elegant white interiors. The Buckner Mansion in New Orleans made the perfect setting for lots of spellbinding drama. White-on-white interiors also set the stage for decor drama, too! White on White Room A white room allows you to have some space inside of you, as well as around you. For me, that’s what it does. It makes me happy because it’s so light and I’m bringing myself into it, as opposed to the other way around. Tone on Tone The subtlety of using different whites in one room creates some major depth and interest. This look does an even better job of highlighting shadows in trim and casings. The effect engages your mind and spirit and makes you want to take a long, deep, relaxing breath. Ahhhh!

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