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Through My Eyes: Structured, Architectural White

Hello Fabulistas! I love the white-on-white look in rooms full of unique architectural details. There’s something about this style that makes everyone feel positive and hopeful, and that all is good in the world. Here are some of the many reasons I admire this look. Historic opulence The boarding school from season three of American Horror Story is a grand home filled with elegant white interiors. The Buckner Mansion in New Orleans made the perfect setting for lots of spellbinding drama. White-on-white interiors also set the stage for decor drama, too!


from Domaine Home

Focused details

One of the beauties about structured white environments is that you can use more detail and no color. The details in moldings, trim and other decorations are better revealed with whites and shadows. It would be difficult to admire the ceiling in this gorgeous 19th century Parisian apartment if it were painted in a color.


from Yatzer

Visual bumpout

A white room allows you to have some space inside of you, as well as around you. For me, that’s what it does. It makes me happy because it’s so light and I’m bringing myself into it, as opposed to the other way around.


from Apartment Therapy

Organization encouraged

Creating a clean, white template serves as some fabulous encouragement for keeping a space tidy. The absence of color puts everything else—including a mess—on display. The use of white in this Brooklyn apartment encourages the flow, and putting everything in its place.


from Design Sponge

Inviting spaces

I think there’s something very appealing about clean, light and structured designs. They make for refreshing environments when you come home from a busy day. The shapely design of the fireplace mantel in this room is thought provoking without being overwhelming.


from Flickr/DecoFabulous

Varying whites

The subtlety of using different whites in one room creates some major depth and interest. This look does an even better job of highlighting shadows in trim and casings. The effect engages your mind!


from Pinterest

Stage set for personalization

Stark white is a wonderful backdrop to add any color, subtle or bright, depending on mood, personality, or season. Anything you do, whether it’s a taupe or a hot pink, is going to look very cool. A printed rug, book spines in an array of mixed-up colors, and a fabulous dress all work so well in this bright, white space!


from Inside Interiors

Calming environment

It's so important to have a space where you can feel like yourself! I adore how all-white spaces allow your mind to concentrate on what you desire. Details like painted brick and Lincrusta engage your mind, while the lack of color prevents distractions.


from Pinterest

Showcased views

White walls and trim provide the perfect frame for beautiful window views. This room keeps the attention focused on the chic sitting area and the trees right outside the window. It's always nice to reflect what's outside indoors, too, like this vase full of flowering branches.


from From The Right Bank

White-on-white interiors are incredibly popular right now. But trust me, these looks stand the test of time! What are your favorite ways to style these fresh interiors?

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Neutral is only neutral in relationship to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a color, pattern or style, everything is affected by what is surrounding it