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Through My Eyes: Inspiration from PFW

Hello Fabulistas! Have you been following all the Paris collections, too? I don't just keep up with New York Fashion Week! There were so many fabulous presentations this season and I'm already thinking about lots of ways I can put some of the resulting inspiration to fab use. Marc Jacobs' dazzling last Louis Vuitton show To say that the American designer has transformed the French fashion brand is barely scraping the surface! Jacobs went out with a bang of lots of black and a sparkly feather headdress for each model that were so fab! I'm definitely going to reference those headpieces next time I'm thinking of adding glam touches to a space. lv

from WWD

Perfect Parisian chic at Hermes

You can't argue with the chic reputation of Hermes! Their RTW presentation certainly didn't disappoint. I love the masculine texture of this skirt. It kind of reminds me of my Metallic Textured Ottoman! This ensemble is a great reminder of my love for texture blocking.


from WWD

Wild retro prints at Miu Miu

There is a time and place for a bold print. In my opinion, there are lots of them! There were so many saturated retro colors and prints walking down the runway. Sure, some of these styles could have been paired with neutral tights adn heels, but this way is so much more fun. I'll think back to this next time I feel a little color shy!


from WWD

Asymmetrical style at Balmain

I've seen so many hemlines lately with large slits, but this one from Balmain's presentation makes things so much more interesting! A lot of times the easier way to go is to honor the laws of symmetry and make everything even. But, this glam skirt elevates this chic look. Now if I can only find the interior equivilant!


from WWD

Luxe embellishments at Valentino

One of my favorite parts of my wardrobe is my jewelry collection. This opera-inspired collection from Valentino is full of embellishments that remind me of jewelry. Fashion is about beauty and expression! We should think about interior design in the same way. Sure, we need to decorate our space to fulfill our basic needs, but why not our style tastes, too?!


from WWD

Did I miss some of your favorite moments from Paris Fashion Week? How would you draw decor inspiration from these looks?

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