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The Future of Luxury Designer Showhouses is HERE!

Breaking News Fabulistas!

I am thrilled to announce that, after months of secretly working on this project, I can finally tell you all about it! The Future of Luxury Designer Showhouses Is Here. Being chosen as one of the eleven featured designers, Seasonal Living Magazine's very first Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse is very exciting! The showhouse is 100% virtual, the first of it's kind... and completely tourable and shoppable from the comfort of your home. The showhouse, built entirely in the virtual world, is launching on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 6 pm ET. Join us! Be the first to see it- click here to register for the FREE VIP Virtual Launch Event! As soon as I got the call from Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership asking me to be a designer in the virtual designer showhouse, I knew that I wanted to support this innovative and visionary concept. I immediately said yes to being a featured designer. And since I have my own home furnishings collections, I asked if my company could also be a sponsor. And, of course, the answer was also YES! Kudos to Gary Pettitt, publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine. He is a true visionary who, along with Leslie, has brought the future into the present! Gary shared; “I wanted to find new and innovative ways that we could bring product manufacturers and world-class designer talent together - to create enhanced ways for both sides of the industry to collaborate on a brand new innovative concept that allows consumers around the world to see luxury products in context without budget or product availability constraints.” Thanks also goes to Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of eDesign.tribe + and her amazing eDesign platform rendering team. For bringing this virtual concept to fruition.

The Future of Design is HERE!

Even though the showhouse is only virtual and will only be virtual, it is situated on 20 real acres in Malibu, CA, this property features breathtaking views overlooking the Pacific coastline and an awe-inspiring 20,000 square feet of design space. Many of the rooms in the virtual showhouse are multifunctional and serve unique purposes, influenced by the way families want to live now. The house is focused around wellness and sustainability. Center-stage is a kitchen with a three-floor solarium with an expansive greenhouse. This is a live food solarium that will showcase how growing your own food - indoors - is possible. This luxury showhouse also features a picturesque koi pond and a modern room dedicated entirely to virtually connecting + Zoom meetings!

Designing Alongside Extraordinary Designers!

The Future of Luxury Designer Showhouses is HERE! - Featured Designers Designing this showhouse alongside 10 other extraordinary and influential designers. Including Ariana Lovato, Arianne Bellizaire, Carla Aston, Erika Hollinshead Ward, Gloribell LeBron, Jeanne Khoe Chung, Laura Muller, Michelle Jennings – Wiebe, Rachel Moriarty, and Veronica Solomon. We are creating a spectacular inaugural experience. Together we are embarking on a journey of discovery, showcasing how the design and home furnishings industries are adapting in exciting and unexpected ways. This 100% virtual showhouse reimagines how we experience decorator showhouses. In it, we are rethinking not only how we design a house but what the future of interior design looks like in the modern digital age. The virtual framework of Seasonal Living Magazine's Luxury Designer Showhouse gives us the freedom to design without constraint. We are allowed to create truly exceptional spaces, limited only by our own imaginations.

Augmented & Virtual Reality - in Interior Design

Combining state of the art augmented reality, and completely rendered in photorealistic 4K, the immersive 3D experience includes 720-degree panoramic capabilities. This allows each guest to experience the house using their phone or computer as they walk through the luxury designer showhouse as if they were there live and in person. Just imagine...a personalized tour of a luxury designer showhouse…walking through each designer's exquisite room and being able to click the integrated design details for even more info. All this from the safety of your own home and from anywhere in the world. Allowing us to create this one of kind experience for you are our 15 forward-thinking luxury brand sponsors. Each and every one of them recognizes this as an opportunity to look towards the future of business and design. They are truly leaders of our industry!

Participating Sponsors

The Future of Luxury Designer Showhouses is HERE! - Participating Luxury Brands Our participating sponsors are Cosentino, Howard Elliott Collection, Fabricut, Global Views, Jaipur Living, Minka Group >> George Kovacs + Minka Aire, Nathan Anthony, Niermann Weeks, Revel Woods, Robin Baron Collection, Season Living, Sherwin-Williams, Signature Kitchen Suite, Stressless, and Universal Furniture. Stay tuned, Fabulistas, for future news and blog posts where I will reveal what room I’m designing, and give you inside access to my design process! Join me Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 6 pm ET for the FREE VIP Virtual Launch Event. Register here: http://bit.ly/DesignerShowhouse READ More about Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse in the recent Business of Home article: here Follow along with our official hashtag #SLDS21 Simplifying Fabulous Celebrity Interior Designer, Robin Baron shares her tips for living fabulously at home on her blog, Simplifying Fabulous. Her love of shopping and scouring the global design market for one-of-a-kind items makes her aesthetic highly personal. Through Simplifying Fabulous, readers will get a peek into Robin’s world to enjoy her expert design tips and a curated selection of products to introduce into their own homes.

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