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Simplifying Delicious: Top Picks for Easy No-Machine Ice Cream Recipes

Hello Fabulistas! There's nothing like cooling off after a hot day in New York City with a frozen sweet treat. I love ice cream all the time, but try to get creative and make my own during warm weather. You have to love a recipe that let's you do a little prep work and then freeze to perfection. (That means no ice cream machine!) Here are some recipes that I've tried or can't wait to try this season.

5-Minute Strawberry Ice Cream

This yummy recipe is simple and delicious. It's full of strawberries and bananas, resulting in a tart dessert that's become one of my favorites to serve guests.


from The Suburban Girl Gone Country

Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

Do you love coconut? Then you'll crave this recipe! It's also uses coconut milk instead of dairy, so it's safe for vegan diets.


from Girl Cooks World

Skinny Lemon Ice Cream

This no-machine ice cream recipe captures one of my favorite flavors, lemon. It's refreshing and light, just how ice cream should taste!


from Crazy for Crust

Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream

This recipe isn't what I would call light. But it's easy! It puts a nice spin on regular ice cream with the kids' favorite of iced circus animal cookies.


from The Domestic Rebel

Copycat Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream

The Birthday Cake Remix is my one of my favorites from the Coldstone menu. It's such a decadent, filling treat! This is a really easy alternative that you can make (and enjoy) at home.


from Live Love and Sugar

Whipped Milk Ice Cream

It doesn't get much easier than this recipe. If you have a mixer, then you're good to go! Did I mention that it has less than a handful of ingredients?


from Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Fall isn't the only time when I crave pumpkin. I love it all the time and can't wait to try out this pumpkin recipe for myself.


from Buns in My Oven

Non-Dairy Chocolate Ice Cream

This is another scrumptious recipe that has a coconut milk base. When you're looking for non-dairy, vegan recipes, coconut milk is a lifesaver! I couldn't make this list without a chocolate recipe.


from Kitchen Simplicity

Raw Lucuma Cinnamon Ice Cream

This sounds like such a delicious, healthy recipe. I've never tried a raw recipe for ice cream, so I'm really looking forward to trying this one this summer!


from Darling

Do you have any easy, no-machine ice cream recipes that you love? Please share them below, I'd love to add those to my list!

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