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Simplifying Delicious: Fab Christmas Cookies

It's time to start planning the Christmas menus. I love to eat something sweet at the end of a meal...or the beginning of a meal...or anytime, really! When it comes to fabulous Christmas cookies, I adore Martha Stewart's recipes. Martha is not just a fab entrepreneur and woman extraordinaire, she's also a fab designer and chef! Every time I use a Martha recipe, I get tons of compliments. If you've never made anything "Martha," this Christmas is the time to start. I promise, you won't be disappointed... it'll be delicious. When it comes to Christmas cookies, presentation is as important as taste! They can be another fab part of your holiday decorations. Display them on a cute plate, wrap them up in a basket, or even make them into ornaments to really wow your guests! This year I'm torn between Martha's Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies and her Stained-Glass Sugar Cookies. (It's so hard to choose!) The Hazenut Sandwich Cookies just scream Christmas! They're dusted with powdered sugar to look like snow, and have a snowflake center cutout to get you in the holiday mood. If you're careful, you can keep the snowflake center, dust it, and have extra snowflake cookies. Genius, right? (See the recipe) The Stained-Glass Sugar Cookies are just as easy to make, and look just as festive. They're shaped like ornaments, so cute! They also have star-shaped cutouts, with a candy center to resemble stained glass. So clever! (See the recipe) These both look so good and I know they taste even better. It's so hard to pick one. I may have to make both! Which cookie recipe are you using this year? Leave me some comment love and let me know. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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