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Product of the Week: Breaking Surface Table Lamp

Hello Fabulistas! I'm never one to turn down a fab metallic accessory, whether it's in fashion or interior design. Bringing a little bit of glam into your home is even easier this season because metallic accessories are oh-so-hot. They're the perfect option if you want to make a small change in your surroundings. A metallic piece here or there can really elevate your space's glam style! Table lamps are one of my favorite interchangeable home accessories. You can always find a need for them when it comes to task lighting. Even repositioning them in the same room can change the look of everything. My Breaking Surface Table Lamp is a key piece in my metallic decor arsenal. It's more refined and interesting than your average flat metallic accessory. This would make a foyer table truly sparkle, or bring some major interest to a minimalist bedroom. If you decide you can't live without this fab lamp, make sure to enter the discount code POWBSTL002 at checkout through next Wednesday for 10% off of this item! lamp

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How would you use this glam metallic lamp in your home? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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