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March: What's Hot This Month

Hello fabulistas! I'm ready to step into spring, although in New York City we're a little ways from spring-worthy weather. However, I'm still excited about a lot of new things this month. Here's what's on my radar: Oz the Great and Powerful The Wizard of Oz is a classic with saturated color, amazing costuming and lots of Emerald Green (Pantone's color of 2013)! The previews look simply VIBRANT and I can't wait to see director Sam Raimi's reimagination of the Emerald City and amazing land. (Have you seen Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis's fab fashions at the premieres? They have me even more excited for the film's costumes!)

via Sidewalk Hustle

Healthy Eating It's getting closer and closer to swimsuit season! I've been trying to eating health for a while now, but it can be tough because I'm on the go all the time with clients and design projects! I love this green smoothie recipe from Damn Delicious. It's delicious and sweet!

via Damn Delicious

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment This beauty gem has been around for years, but I've fallen in love with it all over again. If you haven't tried it, you must! It has SPF 15 and is oh-so-moisturizing. Beauty bloggers and editors have been obsessed with it for years. It's definitely a go-to for dry, winter lips. They call Chicago the Windy City, but New York is really windy, too!

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Mudrooms for Bad Weather Gear The weather in New York has been a little crazy lately. One day we'll have really nice weather in the 50s and then it will start snowing the next night! So I'm constantly thinking about if I'm going to need rain boots, snow boots and lots of other gear to deal with the weather. What a great time to evaluate your mudroom storage situation!

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"Lucky Guy" on Broadway Nora Ephron's works are required reading (and watching) if you're a New Yorker. Previews for her last play, starring Tom Hanks, just began and I'm setting a date to go and see it. He's a favorite in some of her best movies, "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail." So you know that he's going to be a natural fit for this role!

via The Lucky Guy

Are you excited about these things too? What are you talking about this month?

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