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Making Waves of Creativity!

My dear Fabulistas!!

If you ever feel a wonderfully unexpected influx of creative ideas while in the shower or the tub, you're not alone! It is a known fact that showers have a stimulating effect on a creative mind. And it's even rumored that Albert Einstein did his best thinking in the shower.

Waves of creativity - Robin Baron

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So, put on your thinking shower cap and learn how to take advantage of this business-plus-pleasure tool to the fullest. Make waves in your tub and come out with enough fresh ideas for a novel, a recipe book or even a new bedroom layout! It all starts with creating the ultimate atmosphere that suits you the best, my big thinkers! After all, confidence... and your creativity, begins at home! Your perfectly furnished bathroom just might be the key to unlocking your creativity.

Creativity and bathroom design - Robin Baron

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First, ask yourself WHY is it that you're graced with such creativity when bathing? For many, it’s the rare time of the day when you're by yourself. With your cell phone and all of its notification chimes, buzzing and beeping wonderfully out of reach, the flow of water creates a soothing white noise. The shower is like a sanctuary, a chamber even. It signals a new day and a new beginning. With water waking you up and making you alert, your mind is free to wander into new territory.

Creativity and inspirations in the shower - Robin Baron

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Why we get creative in the shower - Robin Baron Image courtesy Plebio Being alone for a brief moment, you're able to turn your attention inwards. This is when your creativity is at its best: free, uninhibited, eccentric even! So, when you're considering a fabulous layout for your next bathroom and searching for your new favorite bathtub, keep in mind what color story makes you feel most relaxed. Are you a black and white kind of bather, or do your prefer all white pristine? Or perhaps you gravitate towards wooden textures and glass?

Bathroom design - Robin Baron

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Finding inspiration in the shower - Robin Baron

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Shapes and textures are as important. An egg-shaped sink creates a cocooning effect, while large mirrors create an infinite space. Infinite space equals infinite possibilities! It’s all symbolic and it’s all as practical as you make it. And maybe large windows to let in the light? Light equals inspiration. All factor into your creativity!

Creative ideas while showering - Robin Baron

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Oh, and let’s remember to keep that journal handy. Jot down your ideas quickly, before they go down that beautifully polished-nickel drain!

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