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Light Up Your Life!

Hello Fabulistas!

January's Lightovation in Dallas was a blast!

I had the opportunity to unveil the new Robin Baron Lighting Collections for Minka Group to the public, and I could not be more excited about the overwhelmingly positive response we received.
A huge thank you to Minka Group who went all out for the launch of the collection, and to Steven Favreau for our great one-to-one interview during the launch.




Let's talk more about the importance of lighting for your space.

Dining Room Lighting

When it comes to dining room lighting, make it fabulous! It’s a great opportunity to make a statement. There are guidelines, however: make sure your chandelier isn’t wider than your table, and let it hang in the sweet spot 33”-36” off your table to the bottom of the fixture – never higher or lower.

Outdoor Spaces - Light Up the Night

Create mood and safety by considering lighting options: pathway lights, wall sconces, flood lighting, lanterns with glowing candles. Just as you would for your home’s interior, consider the lighting details outdoors too. Your outdoor light fixtures can be chosen to feel like jewelry in the space, not merely functional necessities.

Bathrooms - Lighting is (Almost) Everything

The lighting in your master bathroom should be multi-directional lighting that illuminates the room from the top, sides, and even underneath. Do the work to prevent shadows, and you’ll notice the difference when you put on makeup, pluck an eyebrow, or shave a mustache. This is where those precise tasks take place – light them right! 

Your Kitchen - Light Every Surface

Lighting is critical in a kitchen. Opt for recessed lighting overall, but take this opportunity to take the lighting scheme further – over-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe-kick lighting, fabulous island lights and pendants. All on dimmers, if possible. Give yourself options to create mood according to how you entertain. 

Entry Ways - A Moment of Light

This might be the most important light fixture you choose for your home –the light in your entryway. Make sure it feels fabulous! This one pendant or chandelier is a great way to establish the ambiance, and be sure to hang it 7’ above the floor – no lower, and not much higher.


Get Inspired

Function never looked so fashionable. The Robin Baron Signature collection offers stunning, impeccably crafted, room-transforming fixtures.
Discover chandeliers, ceiling lights, sconces, and more,
each made to illuminate spaces with high style.

Vibe Pendant

These pendants are vibing! The circulating bands remind me of beautiful bangles. These pendants are gorgeous as a single fixture, lined up in a row, or clustered together in varying lengths and sizes.

Edge 5-Arm Chandelier

Don't just light a room, make a statement. Whether it's for a bedroom, entryway, or dining room, the Edge Chandelier is sure to make an impression. Pair it with the matching sconce for a cohesive, finished look in your space.


 Icon Sconce and Icon Semi Flush

The bold lines and grand proportions of these fixtures make them pieces of art as well as practical, ambient lighting. They really make a dramatic statement in any space.

*Free Shipping on all orders over $150


Have a favorite fixture? Comment below...I want to hear from you!



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