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How-To: Decorate For Halloween

I love Halloween, because it’s the one time of year you can be anything (or anyone) in the world! There's nothing I love more than decorating my own home...and what better occasion than Halloween to go wild?! I always say "find your own fabulous," so be creative here... invest in a few large pumpkins for the entrance. Carved or solid, it’s up to you. The larger they are, the more of an impact they'll make ... color and shape are a great way to express your personal style! sources: via // via Lead guests inside with spooky, gothic style frames hanging on the walls. Leave them empty, or fill them with vintage pictures to add some mystery. sources: via // via // via Fireplaces are such an essential feature in your home, and Halloween is the perfect time to make them shine! Pick up some black or grey logs, or fill it with pumpkins of various sizes. This will add the drama....and you know I LOVE a dramatic statement! sources: via // via // via Changing your table decor offers so many options! Want to stay tailored?....a few large lanterns will do the trick. If you room decor is simple mix it up and go crazy. Try hanging orange and black paper lanterns over the middle, and placing your food around a centerpiece - this is a quick and simple way to add some fab to your Halloween decor! sources: via // via Interested in jazzing up your pumpkins? You can paint them white with decorative details, “laser cut” them and add candles, or cover them with glitter. What’s a holiday without a little bling, right? sources: via // via // via I'd love to hear (and see!) how you are decorating for Halloween this year! Share your ideas and pics with me over Facebook and Twitter!

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