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Guest Blogger of the Week: Tanya from "Dans le Townhouse"

A Sophisticated Makeover for an Antique Chair

My name’s Tanya and I’m visiting from Dans le Townhouse (where I indulge my creative side tackling various DIY projects) to share a furniture makeover. When I married my Hubby he had hardly any furniture, but he did have this unfortunate, sentimental chair: For years, painting it (and getting rid of it!) were off limits and it was really ruining my design plans. One day, I finally convinced Hubby I could give it a respectable makeover. I chose a matte black paint that didn’t deviate too far from its original, ahem, style, but gave it more of a modern feel. The makeover was simple: I lightly sanded the whole chair with fine grit sandpaper and wiped it with a damp rag. Then I hammered in four nails so the legs would “float” and wouldn’t get glued to the cardboard with paint. I opted for a primer and paint in one and, following the directions on the can, gave the chair a few thin coats. I don’t normally do this, but you could also apply a coat of flat polyurethane to protect the surface. Seeing as this chair is as uncomfortable as it was ugly (is that possible?) I don’t foresee this being a highly used piece, so I skipped the polyurethane. The result: a happy Hubs, a happy me and a prettier chair. Hope you enjoyed the post! Make sure to stop by my blog and say "hi"! Tanya :)

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