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Green Decorating: Start with the FLOR!

Think of building your home’s green décor like you’d build a wardrobe—piece by piece. Focus on versatile basics and when you find yourself bored with a look, simply switch things up...just as effective as a trip to the mall! When I design a room I take a similar stance: I begin with a versatile flooring option that helps to set the tone of the room and can also be switched up over time to create a new look. Eco friendly rug manufacturer FLOR caught my eye years ago and I've found that they fit the bill. The company, environmentally responsible as they are innovative, uses recycled content to create tiled carpets which can be mixed and matched to create a completely custom design. There are so many reasons to love thee, FLOR…let me count the ways:

Mix and Match

Flor | Simplifyingfabulous.com Looking for something bright and fun for the kids playroom? Maybe something a little more elegant for the dining area? A wide range of different styles and piles of carpet allow for endless design possibilities. Any color or pattern can be installed in any combination. Let your imagination run wild. From gray shag to a bright pink raised-cut pile, whatever design you can dream up can be made a reality.

Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose

Flor | Simplifyingfabulous.com When you’re tired of the design, re-work the tiles instead of replacing them—rearrange them into a new pattern, break them up into smaller area rugs, or move them to another room altogether. If moving the tiles into irregularly-shaped rooms, the squares can also be cut to fit it perfectly. Repurposing the flooring is not only more environmentally responsible than buying new carpeting, it’s so much more economical as well.

Environmentally Friendly

Each carpet tile is crafted from renewable and recycled content. To come full circle, if you ever decide to replace your carpet, FLOR’s Return & Recycle Program takes your old tiles and turn them into new product! Good news for parents, pet-owners and mess-prone people: If a FLOR tile becomes dirty, rather than fussing with a steam cleaner, simply pull up the soiled tile, wash and dry it, and put it back. Build your home’s environmentally friendly wardrobe from the ground up and you’ll have fun recreating new looks for years to come! >images courtesy of FLOR

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Like everything…”neutral” is relative

Neutral is only neutral in relationship to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a color, pattern or style, everything is affected by what is surrounding it