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Getting "Flocked"

Flocked wallpaper is back with a vengeance! Once favored by 16th and 17th century royals for its velvety sheen, it’s back on the scene today. They’ve shed their lavish, traditional look in favor of a hip, fashion-forward one, becoming a favorite cool room accent for those of us who love a pop of pattern, an unexpected touch of texture, or a vintage flair. (We know that I love vintage!) The 1960s saw its own flocked wallpaper revival, but the focus was on traditional patterns such as damask, and all I can remember is always wanting to tear them down! Today’s flocked wallpapers come in unexpected colors and patterns, which are made more interesting by the paper’s three-dimensional quality. I’ve seen it all: geometrics, florals, Asian-inspired, animal prints…even kitschy patterns like dog heads or “Star Wars” characters! The traditional patterns are being shown in vibrant colors, defying the “stuffy” stereotype that the paper has borne since the days of Versailles. Here are some of my favorite current flocked wallpapers: I'm always a sucker for animal print...especially in flocked wallpaper! I love this modern take on a traditional damask pattern. It’s all about the colors! This paper takes a classic stripe and adds the flocked texture and bold color to create a fresh look. Whimsical, modern, and classic all at the same time, this paper creates a great backdrop. Love that “Palm Beach” look? Here’s a whimsical take on a traditional design.

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