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Fab Fridays: Beachy Keen Decor

Fabulistas, what more can be said about sun, sand and sea? This is the time of year (for those of us in the Northeast anyway), where we slow down. We let the haze of summer wash over us like a warm wave and we trade white down comforters for crisp white linen ensembles. Here are some tips to bring some beach into your abode! Add sea elements. Think coral, shells and ocean-like colors. But, don't over do it...we're going for fabulous, not frumpy. Beach Decor Whisper of white. I'm a huge fan of color -- but white fades into the background and allows your view to be the star of the show. White beach bedroom Be creative - not kitschy. Wooden oars for a headboard? Fabulous! How can you repurpose sea-related elements to create visual focal points in your space? Headboard of oars

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