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Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

Happy Earth Day Fabulistas! I'm a huge fan of Earth Day, are you? I'm constantly looking for ways to save energy, checking that everything around me is being recycled, just trying to be a good global citizen. It doesn't take much time to be sure we are taking care of this precious Earth, does it? With just a few minutes and a little thought we can protect our world! Have you thought about investing in organic furniture? We all have different definitions of organic but I look for pieces that are either made of natural materials, recycled materials, or locally made pieces. Tip: if a piece is locally made, it doesn't have to travel across country and less gas is used! If you're looking to buy organic, here are a few of my fave furniture pieces. STEEL Chair I find the STEEL chair to be gorgeous! No matter your design style the STEEL chair could be placed in your space. Can you believe it's made of old wooden handles? I was blown away when I found out... it looks so sophisticated! It comes in a natural finish or painted white. I totally want both! Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

STEEL chair from Reinier de Jong

FS Chair The FS chair is interesting... I don't think it's a look everyone will love but I definitely do! I'm so attracted to the lines of this chair, the flat verticle and horizontal supports, oh my! This eco-chair is flat packed and shipped, so minimal resources are used to transport it to it's final destination. (Saving gas!) Assembly is super easy, too. The parts just snap into each other, saving metal pieces and glue. Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

FS chair from Oyd Design

Reclaimed Wood End Table I'm often looking for the perfect wood end table. Wood tables are great for balancing spaces because of the natural materials and color. This end table is great because it's comprised of many pieces of douglas fir, all of which are collected from torn down buildings in Los Angeles. A little character in your living room! Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

Reclaimed wood end table from Viesso

Produktwerft If you're looking for a standout piece for your space you should consider the Produktwerft series. Each piece in this series is made from materials that have been saved and revived. These upcycled pieces use antique materials and an environmentally friendly process. Yes, they're also so FAB! Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

Produktwerft from Sasha Akkermann

Emmerson series If you're new to organic furniture and want a safe place to start, take a look at West Elm. The Emmerson series consists of dining tables, benches, beds, nighstands and more. Each is made of reclaimed solid pine certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Yes, its obviously gorgeous! The dining table is my fave! Earth Day Decor: Organic Furniture

Emmerson series from West Elm

Wow, now I really want to go shopping! Are you interested in placing organic furniture in your home? How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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