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Design Trends for 2021

Hi Fabulistsas! Can you believe the holiday season is upon us already? Soon we will be ringing in the New Year, so I wanted to share some of the trends I am seeing for 2021, and tips for home design and office design. 

2021 Lighting Trends

I was asked by MYDOMAINE to share my take on lighting design trends for 2021. Check it out to read what I had to say about this trend, and enjoy the insights from other designers as well. I am seeing the 2021 lighting trend embracing mixing metals and finishes, I love that it gives everyone the opportunity to express their creativity and reflect their own personality. The design options are endless and it is good to know what is out there to find as you shop. It's a win-win!

lighting design trends for 2021

lighting design trends for 2021

2021 Home Office Trends

The virtual office of today does triple duty with work-study-play, and great lighting is more important than ever... it ensures you are camera ready at all times. There are many beautiful table lamps with sculptural vibes making them truly functional art to help brighten your desk. Whether it is a relaxing space or a lively environment, making it your own is more important than ever since we are all spending so much time at home. Make it a Zen space with plants, aromatic soy candles and music you can enjoy while working, and you'll want to Namaste there forever. MYDOMAINE just published a great article with home office design trends for 2021 from me and my fellow fabulous interior design colleagues. See the green link.

office design trends for 2021 

Zoom Room Design

Who in a million years would think that our homes would include a room exclusively for video calls?! A space where people connect with business associates, friends, and family virtually? Before this year, not me! As you know I am designing a Zoom Room design for Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Designer Showhouse. Zoom Rooms present a unique challenge as there are so many aspects to consider when creating a room JUST for video calling. This virtual showhouse is going to be innovative and exciting so I hope you will join me and see the entire house. The big reveal is on Thursday, December 3rd 2020. Please click here to register for the Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Designer Showhouse special free launch event. I can barely wait for you to see it! I am so energized by designing this Zoom Room that I put together this quick video of what you should consider when creating your own Zoom Room. You may have to think a little differently to do it, but it will give you more joy on calls and in the space itself. The more thought you put into it, the more enjoyable your space will be.

Pro Tip: Give yourself options in your room, different places for different types of calls. Try creating more than one location in your office for your video calls. Maybe a corner chair as a place for a more casual call. Think about creating a space that enhances your moment and makes for the most enjoyable experience. Having options will show your creative side—and its a great way to put your best foot forward.

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