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Design Therapy: Freshen Up your Home for the New Year

Hello lovelies! Have you been keeping up with your resolutions? Now that we are working on new habits for the new year, I thought it would be great to freshen up our homes for the new year, as well. Fab idea, right? Our homes are a reflection of who we are and how we see ourselves. We should change a few things up at home to reflect our new resolutions! I'm excited to get started! Here are a few ideas.... Confidence starts at home, so the first thing you see when you walk inside should be FAB! If you're looking to freshen up your home, start with the entry way. Add new wallpaper, new lamps, or even a new throw! If you don't already have a mirror in your foyer, now's time to add one. It's just the right amount of bling you'll need! Mix up your entry way to keep your home feeling fabulous. Freshen up your home for the new year!

Entry way from I Suwannee

Plants are fabulous for so many reasons. They add color, bring the outside in and can cleanse your air! I love fresh flowers when I'm decorating, but a plant is a great accessory that lasts a long time and adds life to your space. Pick up a few for a reading nook or side table and you'll feel like you have a whole new room! Freshen up your home for the new year!

Plants from Hygge and Sisu

One of my resolutions is to declutter and reorganize. While sorting through your things and downsizing, you can make your home look gorgeous at the same time! Be smart, do it right the first time! Put the things you're keeping in designer bins so they look fabulous. If you use several of the same bins your space will look uniform and well planned! Freshen up your home for the new year!

Organizing bins from Bubbel Soda

A great way to make small changes in your home is to redecorate your bathroom. Brighten it up with a new shower curtain and accessories...or paint the walls a new color. Redecorating your bathroom is usually a small enough project to avoid getting overwhelmed. Little changes go a long way! Freshen up your home for the new year!

Bright bathroom from Luxury and Company

Looking for a quick and easy change that's simple to do? Change your hardware! Cabinet hardware is like jewelry for the home. Just think, if you get bored of your outfit, change your jewelry! There are so many hardware options to choose from, I'm sure you can find something you love. In just a few minutes you can have a whole new kitchen, bathroom or dresser! Freshen up your home for the new year!

Cabinet hardware from GE Monogram

It's a new year and we all deserve to have a home and new life we love! What are your favorite tips to freshen up your home? Have you already made some changes? What's on your to do list?

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