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Design Insider: Unexpected Concrete

Hello Fabulistas! People see concrete as a commercial material, but it's changed so much. The possibilities are endless with what it can do for a home. So think beyond a walkway and imagine the cool effect it can have as a number of surfaces. Here is merely a small sampling of amazing concrete designs.

fireplacefrom ArchDaily

Industrial touch The Amsterdam home of architect Marius Haverkamp (Flow Works) is a former warehouse that was transformed with cozy touches, like mismatched pieces, wood surfaces, and concrete surfaces. Here, concrete floors and countertops set a fabulous background for a family dining and kitchen area.


from HonestlyWTF

Defining spaces Architects Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa transformed an open Sao Paulo, Brazil, loft space in to a series of cozy spaces. Concrete elements, like this bathroom sink countertop and columns, help define those separate spaces in a beautiful, streamlined way.


from ArchDaily

Timber-formed concrete

This tea house built by Shanghai architects Archi-Union has concrete like you've never seen it! The timber-formed concrete allows for miraculous contorted designs. The walls are all made of glass for maximum design appreciation.

tea house

from Dezeen

Stenciled canvas

Concrete is a durable surface that can take all kinds of punishment while maintaining a chic look. Who needs a welcome mat when you can paint a custom design to greet guests? Overall, continuous painted prints also look fantastic on concrete floors.


from Bungalow Classic

Perfect form for furniture

A search for custom, distressed furniture almost always ends at concrete furniture. This table with oak legs from Cox & Cox is perfect as a side table in a living room that's sturdy enough for books, and other tabletop objects.


from Cox & Cox

Durable, sculptural look

The nature of concrete means that it can hold up in many different forms and designs. This Willy Guhl Eternit Chair is a design world favorite that can withstand weather for a beautiful patio look.


from modeINTERIEUR

Faceted texture

Concrete creates beautiful, angular surfaces, too. It works in a variety of situations, too. There's a multitude of concrete light pendants! I adore this one's faceted surface and metallic hint.


from Etsy

Hint of color

Blue stairs liven up a modern space. Concrete is now available in a variety of colors and textures so you can make it do nearly anything your design idea book would desire!


from Apartment Therapy

Concrete is one of those materials that's always a bit unexpected in new, wonderful ways. It's worth investing in for a multitude of clever uses. What's your favorite use of concrete in the home?

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