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Design Insider: Secrets of a Prop Stylist

Happy Monday, Fabulistas! I love Emily Henderson's HGTV show Secrets From a Stylist. Emily started as a prop stylist and she's taken those skills and turned them into interior design skills. Prop stylists' secrets and tricks can help you glam up your home quickly and easily. Here are a few prop stylist secrets I live by. Keep a list of resources I'm often asked to decorate a client's home quickly and of course, fabulously! To do that, I need to know where to go in a rush. I have a list of places that have accessorizes and other items in stock. I turn to it when I'm on a deadline. Secrets of a prop stylist

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Build an accessories closet I love to decorate my parties by theme and color. When I'm looking to throw together a party look I turn to my accessories closet. You'll be able to accessorize, decorate and evoke emotion, all from things you already own. Secrets of a prop stylist

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Declutter Many think that decorators and stylists are always adding pieces and accessories. However, a huge part of our job is to declutter! Your space should look spacious, not overcrowded. I like to take away several pieces before I start decorating, and see the space for what it is. Then I can add on as needed. Secrets of a prop stylist

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Organize your shelves Many forget to clean up their shelves and straighten their books. What's on your shelves is actually a huge part of your decor. Your books and accessories add a lot of character to your space. So stay organized, and make sure it reflects YOU. Secrets of a prop stylist

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Don't make things too perfect Your home should feel lived in, and it should feel like you. If the space looks too perfect it won't feel comfortable to you or your guests. If your tray is a little off center, that's ok! It's what makes a house a home. Don't obsess over perfectection. Secrets of a prop stylist

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Styling is all about making your home reflect your personality. There are so many tricks you can use in your home. Do you already have a list of resources or an accessories closet? Which of these tips was most helpful to you?

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