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Design & Dream With Our Friends from the Seasonal Living Showhouse, Pt. II

Above: Family Room Designed by Arianne Bellizaire, Arianne Bellizaire Interiors, Featuring Robin Baron Comb Hardware

And Our Next Guest Is...

Greetings, Fabulistas!

Let’s continue “tawking amongst ourselves” with four more of our fabulous sponsors for the Seasonal Living Magazine Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse. All four of these companies can be used anywhere and everywhere throughout the home. They’ll inspire you to think creatively and expansively. Each one has great selections, and I hope they inspire you to zhuzh your own home for the new year. Freshening up your home with a few new items and touch-ups could be just the thing you need to raise your spirits after this long year we’ve all endured together. Feel good about your space, and you’ll feel good about yourself!

Sometimes a whole room can be changed for the better with just one lamp, pillow, or singular accessory. Maybe that means selecting a new fabric from Fabricut for the furniture you already have, or adding a few new light sources from Minka Group to the room to brighten the space with multi-directional light. You want lighting to come from all different angles… above you, in front of you, from the side of you, and behind you. If you want to do something a little less involved, try adding in a vignette of accessories. Global Views carries beautiful accessories and also has a lot of furniture that goes well with them. And if you’re looking for one of the most comfortable chairs out there for all of your upcoming video calls on the horizon, Stressless has you covered. After exploring these sponsors’ amazing resources myself, I am confident that they can make your home a completely new space in a few easy steps. Let’s dive in!

Introducing… Fabricut

You could explore for hours and get lost in the plethora of fabrics that Fabricut has to offer. They’re a staple in the design community with several labels under their umbrella, including S. Harris, Stroheim, Trend, and Vervain, so you’ll never go hungry for new options. You can spice up the furniture in your living room with a fresh print, or give your bedroom a new set of pillows for a fun but easy change. With several different lines of textiles, they have various fabrics suitable for both inside AND outside. While Fabricut is best known for their cool and luxurious materials, they pride themselves on so much more than fabric alone. This one-stop shop also includes wall coverings,  drapery hardware, furniture, and ready-made window treatments. They are a fantastic resource… take it from me, I use them all the time and they did all of the fabric and wall coverings in my Zoom Room!

Fabricut Couch And Pillows

Introducing… Minka Group

From modern to traditional, your lighting options are endless when it comes to Minka Group. They’re a powerhouse place to look for lighting for all areas of your home. Their George Kovacs lighting collection is perfect for modern design lovers, whose avant-garde shapes make any room interesting. If you want something a little more subdued, their wide range of looks and finishes ensure every personality and taste has much to choose from. You can opt for lighting collections from Metropolitan Lighting Fixture Co. or Minka Lavery, or even browse ceiling fans with Minka Aire. Like I always say, you can never have enough light! Lighting should come from multiple sources to avoid shadows, and Minka is a great resource for almost every kind of lighting.

Minka Group Light Fixture

Introducing… Global Views

Global Views may be famous for their accessories, but they have so much more. They have beautiful and interesting furniture, pillows, and rugs, as well as their incredibly broad collection of accessories. Since it’s less expected, their furniture collection always feels like a wonderful discovery. I consider them fashion-forward, as every piece always has a twist. Their selections really run the gamut of styles and looks, from more traditional to mid-century to modern to sculptural art pieces. They’re a go-to for almost every professional I know in the business. When it comes to adding an interesting piece or two to liven up a room, Global Views always has something that will catch your attention, whether it’s their accessories OR their furniture.

Introducing… Stressless

Known for their combination of functionality and great design, Stressless makes some of the most comfortable and beautifully crafted chairs. I’m all about flexibility, so when a brand focuses on function just as much as fashion, I know I’m in good hands. Best known for their recliners, this innovative Scandinavian designer has stepped into the new age and created pieces that are specially designed to make at-home work and calls easier... something I definitely want in my house for 2021! Many of their chairs now include an attachable computer table for the arm rests so you can work in a comfortable space. They even make a lot of their styles in several different sizes, so everyone in the family can have their own perch.

Stressless Attachable Computer Table On Arm Rest

If you don’t know where to start, no problem. I am always available for design advice by the room or by the hour to make your dream space a reality. With so many wonderful products and so much inspiration from our partners, the possibilities are endless.

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Jan 07, 2021

Thank you Robin for the call out on all that we do. I wish you an enormously fruitful 2021!

Here at Global Views – we take input/critique/praise – very seriously as it helps us continue to better capture the imaginations of the Interior Design Community.

Fantastic job Arianne Bellizaire. Your room is so beautiful.

David Gebhart
Dec 30, 2020

Thank you for sharing these great products. I especially like Global Views. I love the thought that a whole room can be changed for the better with just one lamp, pillow, or singular accessory. The key is finding that perfect one thing:)

Mary Ann Benoit
Dec 30, 2020

This is another amazing blog post, Robin. Thank you for being so thorough and helping to share your fellow sponsor’s stories and what makes their lines so exceptional!

Leslie Carothers

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