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Design & Dream with Our Friends from the Seasonal Living Showhouse

Above: Outdoor Space Designed by Laura Muller, FOUR POINT Design Build

Virtual Showhouse… A Look Into the 21st Century

Hello, Fabulistas!

When I was asked by Seasonal Living to participate as one of their select designers for their first-ever virtual designer showhouse, the answer was immediately yes! In the pandemic era, this was one of the most visionary and forward-thinking ideas I had ever heard, and much like my philosophy, they set out to find new ways to execute business, events, and promotions that inspire the design world virtually.

I love doing showhouses, which was nearly impossible this year. So I took this creative outlet that Seasonal Living gave me and ran with it. Once I heard about the Zoom Room (will insert blog post), I was in. The concept is brand new… we’ve never needed them before. And there’s nothing I love more than tackling something that’s never been done! I saw this as the perfect chance to help create a better life for people who are spending time in the same space all year. In fact, I loved working on it so much that I joined and became a sponsor, which was a logical next step with the launch of Robin Baron Design’s new digital homeWhat a great opportunity to inspire design lovers in the comfort of their own homes!

Seasonal Living Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse Zoom Room

About Our Co-Sponsors… and Friends!

Along with this one-of-a-kind opportunity came many incredibly forward-thinking co-sponsors. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll “tawk amongst ourselves” about their extraordinary work and how you incorporate their products into your home. Kudos to each and every one of them…  they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their top-notch products and innovative mindsets. They know that if you stay where you always have been, you’ll fall behind. Each sponsor stepped forward into the future… and it says so much about them! I am honored to be among these trailblazers and grateful as a designer to have access to their wonderful products and services. 

Up first, we have three fantastic brands that all live in the design and construction space.

Introducing... Cosentino

When I think of Cosentino, I always think of their beautiful Silestone Natural Quartz surface material which I often use in the kitchens and bathrooms that I design. Now with their Dekton Slim, a whole new world of options have opened up! This lightweight and reduced thickness material is only 4mm making it ideal to use natural surfaces in a whole new way. Dekton Slim makes out-of-the-box designs possible! Use it indoors or outdoors, on vertical surfaces (like walls), on floors, or as I did in my Zoom Room…use it as insets in custom cabinetry doors! Between all their surface options, and now with Dekton Slim, the options are endless.

Cosentino Dekton Slim Surface

Introducing… Signature Kitchen Suite

One of my most treasured components in outstanding design is flexibility. Appliances are no longer just for kitchens. We’ve seen them extend to other entertainment spaces, basements, and home offices. Items like fridges and microwaves, like the ones from Signature Kitchen Suite’s built-in luxury appliances and leading-edge technology, are now essential in spaces like our newly created Zoom Room, where people are spending the majority of their days and hopping back and forth between personal and professional use. Since you’re going to be there all day long, you’ll want that utility that so many of these appliances provide!

I love that Signature Kitchen Suite are leaders in innovative design. Look at their pro range on the market with built-in sous vide and induction...it’s the first of its kind! And the first fully integrated 36-inch French Door Refrigerator with a convertible drawer, Craft Ice, and the industry’s largest capacity columns. Their creativity is even more evident in the work they do with Technicurean™ home chefs, which combines a new generation of ingenious chefs’ passion for food with their appreciation for innovation.

Signature Kitchen Suite Sous Vide

Introducing… Revel Woods

In all my years as a designer, I have almost always used wood floors in kitchens. Continuing your wood flooring throughout your home, including into your kitchen, is easier on your body, and makes for a more cohesive look. Revel Woods’ flooring durability and longevity is just as exciting as its gorgeous appearance. You’ll love the way it wears. Their new Showhouse Collection, created especially in honor of the Seasonal Living Magazine Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse, has beautiful finishes that are long lasting, thanks to their nano-technology in a five-layer process designed for maximum durability. The finishes have been treated with a proprietary UV absorber which prevents the floor yellowing and changing color with age, as well as an antimicrobial treatment that improves indoor air quality. 

Revel Woods also offers selections that are personal to YOU! Custom colors are available for you to personalize your space. I always love working with a company that can go the extra mile to make your home feel unique.

Revel Woods Ocean View Floor
If you need help incorporating these products into your home, don’t sweat it. I am always available for design advice by the room or by the hour to make your dream space a reality. Cheers!
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Jan 07, 2021

who makes the grey sectional sofa in the picture?

Robin Shaw
Dec 30, 2020

I am really loving this look at the future of home! Thanks for the information on these durable and beautiful products.

Lisa A Peck
Dec 30, 2020

I too am a huge fan of one consistent flooring – including hardwood in a kitchen.

Your virtual kitchen is absolutley stunning!

Sheri Bruneau
Dec 30, 2020

I really enjoyed your Zoom room design and appreciate you sharing some of your co-sponsors. The Deckton Slim is inspiring! So many possibilities!

Mary Ann Benoit
Dec 30, 2020

This Showhouse was such a remarkable feat on so many fronts! Congratulations to you, Robin, and the other forward thinking brands and designers on being leaders in innovative thinking!

Janet Lorusso
Dec 30, 2020

Robin: First of all, thank you for being both a participating designer AND a sponsor of Seasonal Living Magazine’s Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse – the first in the world to incorporate augmented reality.

As co-principal in this project alongside Gary Pettitt of Seasonal Living, I appreciate all you have done to help make it as successful as it has been.

This post, shedding light on your fellow sponsors, Cosentino, Signature Kitchen Suite, and Revel Woods, is so very good.

I hope people really do support these great brands who are leaders in our industry with respect to product innovation AND in marketing innovations that help propel the entire design industry forward.

Again: thank you, Robin! You are simply fabulous!

Leslie Carothers

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