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Design Advice From Your Stylish BFF!

Just for you, Fabulistas! 

I know how daunting it could be to even start thinking about designing your space, and I'm here to make it easier for you! For the first time ever, I've expanded my design services to include Ask Robin, one-to-one personalized video consultations in 30 or 60 minute sessions, all from the comfort of your home! 

Like grabbing coffee or cocktails with a friend, these sessions are fun, uplifting and tailored to your needs. Grab a drink, find a comfortable spot somewhere and start feeling confident about designing the home you love.

Designing and decorating your home is a journey— you might have a lot of questions along the way. Wondering how to find a color palette perfect for your space? Want a professional’s opinion on where to hang your art? Maybe you are hosting a dinner party and want to zhuzh things up? What if you could simply turn to your stylish best friend for advice? (Hint: It’s me, and you can!) My goal is to break down the barriers of working with an interior designer, while educating and inspiring my fellow design enthusiasts. I want you to feel empowered about enhancing your home. We all deserve to have a life we love... in a home we love... and now, with Ask Robin it’s easier than ever. 

I'll make sure that after every session you'll be left feeling motivated and inspired to tackle any design project, no matter how big or small - I'm here to give you the advice you need. 

In case you’re not ready for a full session, that's ok too! You can book a free 15-minute introductory call with me to get your creative juices flowing. Click here to schedule your first session with me today. 



P.S. Be sure to tune in next week on Thursday, March 18 at 7pm EST for the first ever Ask Robin: LIVE! taking place on my Instagram page @_robinbaron. Whether you have a question you’d like answered, or just want some design inspiration, you don’t want to miss it! 

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Like everything…”neutral” is relative

Neutral is only neutral in relationship to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a color, pattern or style, everything is affected by what is surrounding it