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Decorating for the Holidays!

Season’s Greetings, Fabulistas! ‘Tis the season for transforming your home into a festive wonderland! Check out my tips and tricks for holiday decorating that will turn your home into a joyful paradise this time of year.

Celebrate With Color!

Who ever said Baroness Orange couldn’t be a holiday color?! Have fun with decorating and think outside the realm of traditional colors for a stunning effect! As I always say, more is more! Orange is my absolute favorite color, so I like to work it into all holidays. This nontraditional pink and orange tree is a fabulous way to brighten up every day throughout the holiday season.
Via Pinterest
If you can’t choose one color, use them all! Somehow simple and sophisticated, yet extraordinary, this rainbow tree will make a lively addition to your holiday decor.
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Don't Forget the Details!

People often pay a lot of attention to the tree, mantle and table when decorating, but it’s the smaller details that tie it all together to make an impactful display. This tree skirt from Neiman Marcus is a lovely way to complement a tree with teal, green and blue accents.
Via Neiman Marcus
Dress up your staircase with some added ornaments and embellishments!
Via Pinterest

Try a Tree Alternative!

There are some really fun tree alternatives that still hint at tradition. This beaded silver and gold ‘tree’ is spunky, spectacular and sparkling – a great combination!
Via Pinterest
Using a ladder as the base of your ornament display is a smart way to create something truly unique.
Via Pinterest

Add Some Sparkle!

A little sparkle never hurts! Dazzle up your table display with a shimmering tablecloth - perfect for all holidays!
Via Pinterest
Create your own mini, snowy village with plenty of shimmer and sparkles, of course!
Via Pinterest

Play With Prints!

Versatile for all occasions, animal prints are a fun way to think outside of the box and add a little flavor to your festivities.
Via Pinterest
Wrapping paper is an essential part of the tree display, so have some fun with animal prints and mix and match it with the same elements in your tree!
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