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Bundle Up: How To Store Winter Coats

Hello Fabulistas! Did you have a good weekend? I had to pull out my heavy winter coat this morning and that reminded me of how during these cold months, your coat is your main fashion statement. We wear our bulky outerwear every day and have to take good care of these pieces to make them last! Here are some ways I keep my coats looking through seasons. Keep coats clean I know this sounds pretty obvious, but when you're constantly on the go it's easy to forget to clean your coats. I like to drop by coats at the cleaners every month. You can pick up lots of things walking around New York City! Be sure to have a backup coat you can wear while your go-to is at the cleaners. robin1

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Use quality hangers I like to use wooden or padded hangers to hang my heavy coats. Wire hangers will bend and break under the weight of heavy outerwear. They can also pierce and damage your coats. Quality hangers will make a huge difference in making outerwear last. robin2

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Create room in your closet Using quality hangers won't be of much help if you're stuffing your coats into a crowded closet. Put your fall coats away to create enough space for your heavier outerwear. Having room to let your garments breathe goes a long way! robin3a

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Invest in garment bags I use garment bags or protective coverings for my special, dressy coats. I don't use my posh winter coats every day, but I do use them for nice occasions and holiday gatherings. To keep them looking fab, I store them in garment bags and hang them in my closet. This protects the more sensitive materials from things that may be clinging to your other coats. robin3

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Accessories Growing up, I was told to store my gloves, scarves and hats inside my jacket. I would stuff them in pockets and sleeves. While that's still OK if you're on the go, I have a small basket near my coats where I can store the accessories overnight. Storing things in pockets allows for germs to grow, which is what we're trying to avoid! robin5

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Do you use these tips in your household? What do you do to store your coats during the winter? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

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