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Brighten Up: How To Create More Light With Mirrors

Hello Fabulistas! Mirrors are one of your best decorating tools. They look fabulous, provide touch-up spots, harness light and even make rooms appear larger. Anything that can make your space feel lighter and brighter shouldn't be wasted. Here are my favorite design tricks for using mirrors to brighten a space.


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Reflect back the good From a Feng Shui standpoint, it's important to reflect back only desirable things. Don't place a mirror directly in front of a window looking in to someone else's home. You want to reflect back the positive, like a park full of trees or a favorite piece of furniture.


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Go big and bold In general, I think it’s important to take a stand and be bold. Whether it’s a light fixture that’s bigger than what you thought you'd prefer, that’s what makes it stand out and make a bigger impact. A mirror that can stand on its own always makes a grand statement. Big mirrors add drama, as well as substantial light.


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Pair mirrors with lighting It seems like a simple trick, but placing a light source by a mirror will optimize its light-harnessing powers. I adore a good vignette with a credenza, mirror and table lamp. It's a classic formula that works beautifully! If you can't spare the space for a vignette, try placing a lamp and mirror in a corner.


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Treat mirrors as art Mirrors with ornate frames and shapes turn these utilities in to works of art. I like to mix in mirrors with other pieces of art in salon walls, or with other mirror styles. These mirrors reflect back lots of light and the fabulous decorations on the opposite wall.


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Pair with mirrored details

It doesn't hurt to pair an oversized mirror with mirrored furniture, especially if you're working with a dark room. Mirrored tiles and stainless steel-accented lamps keep this room from looking stuffy. If you prefer to go full glam, top a mirrored credenza with an equally glam mirror!


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Choose metallic frames

Every little bit counts when you're creating a well-lit space. The extra gleam from this mirror's frame helps bounce back even more light. Metallic is always a great idea!


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Do you use mirrors to create more light in rooms? Did I miss out on any of your favorite tricks?

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