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Big Screen Design Dreams

One of my favorite things to do in the heart of the summer is to escape the hot, humid city streets and head not to the beach, but to the movies! There is nothing like relaxing in the air-conditioned darkness of a movie theater, popcorn in hand, allowing your thoughts and imagination run to another place. I attribute the most inspiring shots in movies to the cinematographers and to the stylists and prop and set designers who contribute equally to the feel and mood of a film. Creating spaces that seem as if they are woven into the fabric of the characters' lives is an incredible talent! Here is a round-up of films that have been released in the past few years that do a wonderful job of conjuring a real sense of place and time with their interiors. Don't even get me started with classic films...What movies come to mind when you think of interiors you'd love to experience? A Single Man Though this trailer doesn't quite show the 1960s architecture and on-point interior styling in Tom Ford's super-moody heartbreaker, this piece from the LA Times about how the interiors were snubbed by the Oscars, gives a few good shots. Marie Antoinette The accuracy, intricacy, and attention-to-historical detail is really spectacular in this film. It’s Complicated The kitchen is beautiful and open, with wonderful colors, and great lighting and appliances. I suppose it's what one would expect when one of the supporting characters is an architect! I'd bet that post-2009 when this film was released, many kitchen designers and architects were approached with this kitchen as inspiration! The King’s Speech Another Colin Firth film! I absolutely love the office/work space of the speech therapist (Geoffry Rush) who King George VI (Colin Firth) visits. Inspiration everywhere. The Glass House Set in the hills of Malibu, the modernist architecture of the "Glass House" shines admidst a twisted, thrilling plot-line. The Blind Side The house is so "them" and the rooms transition beautifully from one room to the next. Titanic A classic perfectly styled movie. The trailer speaks for itself. The Holiday House swapping a modern, chic and very organized California manse for a cozy, super-personal English cottage. Love them both! Sex and the City: The Movie 2 Carrie's apartment! Her closet! Her clothes!

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Great design isn't always about symmetry, it's about balance.

Create equal but different visual interest on both sides of your space by playing with varying heights, weights, and quantities of your objects on opposing sides.