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Around the World at 100% Design

100% Design | SimplifyingFabulous.com

Day two of Blogtour 2011 found us at 100% Design where we had the chance to hear from Mix Publications on the color trends of Autumn/Winter 2012/13 as well as walk the show. Among all of the private vendors, a number of countries had large booths that displayed the products of a number of designers of that nationality. I made it a mission of mine to hit up all of the "countries" and to showcase the best/coolest/most out there pieces at each stall. Join me for an around-the-world look at 100% Design!

100% France

The fine folks who were manning the Fred & Fred booth within 100% France told me that this incredible PICT system of optical glass partitions was cool enough to be chosen for floating bathroom partitions in the Louvre! Each piece is super light and slides into each other to create a translucent customizable wall.

100% Austria

Philipp Bruni's Pinocchio Billard vases (named after their 'long noses') sit on a little rubber stopper to hold them upright or can be set free to wobble back and forth.

100% Argentina

Coming all the way from South America were Miga de Pan's (left) whimsical crocheted and hand embroidered Bosque collection of puffs, pillows and other cutsie items that would turn a children's room into an enchanted forest. Heidi Jalkh showed me how her upholstered Fibra table (right) folds up into almost nothing--perfect seating for small living spaces!

100% Korea

The Korea Design booth totally blew me away. It was by far the youngest and most innovative "country" at the show. their focus was really to showcase emerging design talents who are setting trends with innovative ideas. The Design Virus gang showcased their Document Lamp, a paper lamp in the form of a document icon that can be attached to any flat surface and can be written on. Their Ta-rae lighting are inspired by spools of thread. CH Textile Collection applies digital media graphics to pillows, throws and wallpaper to give them the illusion of texture.

100% Taiwan

The "Charming Taiwan" booth was just that: visual, viceral, aural...just lovely. Yantouch's 3D ambience iPhone docks create mini light shows to match your music; NDD Taipei's Sprouts vase can expand or contract based on the size of the bouquet you want to put within it.

100% Norway

Wik & Walsoe capture just what I would imagine a Scandinavian winter wonderland to feel like...in china form. Nora of Norway is notorious for combining modern design with traditional craftsmanship. Just see Peg, a chair and clothes/coat/hat rack all in one.

100% Czech

Funky, funky are the Rainbow Maker sneakers of Botas 66 and the Ply Like Lajko desk by Process

100% Spain

Espana rolled in the big guns, showing off an incredible knitted ottoman by Patricia Urquiola (left), and Arturo Alvarez' textured floral-like pendant lighting (right).

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