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All-Ages Celebration: How to Throw a Family Friendly New Year's Eve Party

Hello Fabulistas! I've already started planning my New Year's Eve party and this year it's going to be a mix of all ages. We'll have adults and kids watching the ball drop in one room. So I've been thinking of how I can make the party family friendly and ensure everyone has a great time. Here are some fab idas. Mocktails for all! Kids love to feel like adults. While we'll be enjoying our cocktails, the kids will be sipping on mocktails. I'm setting up a station for the younger ones at the party, so they can shake a martini shaker for fun. I'll fill the table with a mocktail recipe book, juices, and garnishes for a nice finishing touch. robin1

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Party games A party is the most fun when everyone can mix and mingle. I'm prepping a few party games that everyone can get to know each other through. A few that my friends and family love are Taboo and charades. Everyone gets to participate and there are tons of laughs! robin2

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Kid-friendly foods Most children, even New York City children, don't enjoy pate and other fancy party foods. Prep some kid-friendly foods that you know the younger ones will enjoy. Mac and cheese, pigs in a blanket, and sliders are all fun foods that kids I know love to eat. Have them help with prep, too. They'll love feeling involved and enjoy the party even more! robin3

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Entertaining activities Most kids I know can entertain themselves, but I like to have a few ice breakers and activities on hand just in case. I'm planning on putting up a resolutions tree so kids and adults can announce their resolutions for the upcoming year and display them on the tree. robin4

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The ball drop I love to build anticipation for the ball drop. At every hour I announce how much time is left until the ball finally drops. I give out little surprises on the hour like noisemakers and hats, too. Getting the group excited for midnight keeps the party interesting and fun! robin5

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Have you started planning your NYE party? Will it be just adults, or adults and children? Have you started picking out your family friendly activities?

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