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A Sneak Peek into the Virtual Showhouse!

Hello Fabulistas! I promised to share a Sneak Peek into the Virtual Showhouse and a bit about the fabulous room I’m designing for the upcoming Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse. While I can’t give too much away quite yet, I can share what room I'm doing and a little about my design process. Before I let you in on this top-secret project, I want to invite you to join me on Thursday, December 03, 2020, at 6 pm ET. Click here to register for the FREE VIP Virtual Launch Event.
Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse

A Sneak Peek into the Virtual Showhouse!

Without giving too much away before the official Live Red Carpet Event Launch...I can share that my room is 100% designed and inspired by incorporating innovation, technology, and functionality. Designing a state of the art luxury space dedicated entirely to virtually connecting. These days, we're all adapting to new innovations in our lives. Finding new ways to innovate in business, and how we stay connected with our friends and family. As it turns out, even the way we design showhouses is getting an of-the-moment overhaul, which I mentioned in last week’s blog post, as we move into the future of Interior Design. I am excited and inspired to be designing a new innovation in home design: the Zoom Room!

The Evolution of Workplace Design

Although Zoom and other video-conferencing technology have been around for a while, who would have thought of dedicating an entire room to Zoom just 1 year ago? Catapulting us into the future, the need to work remotely with Zoom/video technology and virtual tools is impacting all aspects of our daily lives. Virtually connecting has become more than just how we stay safe as we work from home and has forever changed our home/work environments. Redefining how we visit relatives, celebrate the holidays, and even how our children learn and attend school. Opening our eyes to a virtual world while enabling us enhanced ways to stay connected in the modern digital age...Adapting to new routines and innovation with technology...I am also learning to shift my own virtual communication strategies. Meeting virtually with my Interior Design clients and working alongside my incredible Robin Baron Design team.
Virtual Meeting with My Team Virtual Meeting with My Team

Designing for Luxury Zoom Rooms

“I believe that your physical workspace should enable you to feel calm - while allowing you to stay centered, creating a professional work environment.” As I began the process of designing this fabulous Zoom Room, I began to ponder how I virtually communicate and what elements I share about myself in Zoom meetings. Raising the questions What should we share about ourselves on a video call? What does my home office look like and what do I share with guests during a Zoom video call?
My Home Office - designed pre Zoom era My Home Office - designed pre Zoom era
Each virtual call is essentially a welcoming of guests into your own personal space, giving an inherently intimate look into your life and what you hold dear. I started to ask; Should you share your family, personal photos, and your favorite objects? Or would you rather reveal an edited space that showcases what inspires you most? Would you rather curate a look that projects an air of confidence?
Two Home Offices I designed - pre Zoom era Two Home Offices I designed - pre Zoom era

A Bit About My Zoom Room Design Process

Pulling together the design elements for my Zoom Room, I began playing with colors, textures, and products that blend innovation and technology. My goal was to cultivate a design that harmonizes luxury products, unique elements, and artistic style, in alluring ways. And since Fabulistas always need to be ready for our close-ups, I paid special attention to the right lighting to make sure we look our best for video calls! Overall I created a chic + cohesive design that is forward-thinking, inviting, and professional - all at the same time. Great design means also paying special attention to expressing your design style and making sure your guests feel welcome. The way we live now needs to be multi-functional and flexible in order to adapt to every situation. The cornerstone of my Zoom Room's design is built on adaptability and flexibility. Offering several areas within the room for one-to-one consultations, digital media and presentations, and even a casual and relaxed space for virtual happy hours and catching up with friends.
Seasonal Living Magazine Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse

REGISTER NOW the world’s first 100% Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse!

Experience Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse — perched on an awe-inspiring Malibu, CA coastline. Here, you will soon get to see my fabulous Zoom Room, alongside the fabulous work of ten other exceptional designers, who are inspiring me in limitless ways. Virtually tour room after luxury room and featuring 15 forward-thinking sponsors, whose Luxury Brands have gone all-in with their exquisite product collections to create a completely shoppable experience. You'll be able to shop for finishes, furnishings, lighting, and accessories... All on digital display throughout the luxury designer showhouse. All from the comfort of your own home. Mark your calendar for Thursday, December 03, 2020, at 6 pm ET! So that you can settle in, cocktail in hand, and enjoy this one-of-a-kind Virtual LIVE Red Carpet Event! Register here - for the FREE VIP Virtual Launch! STAY tuned for more insider sneak peeks and behind the scenes insights into this inaugural showhouse experience. WATCH the Sneak Peek of Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse Youtube video: here READ about Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse in the Business of Home article: here FOLLOW along with our official hashtag #SLDS21 Simplifying Fabulous Celebrity Interior Designer, Robin Baron shares her tips for living fabulously at home on her blog, Simplifying Fabulous. Her love of shopping and scouring the global design market for one-of-a-kind items makes her aesthetic highly personal. Through Simplifying Fabulous, readers will get a peek into Robin’s world and enjoy her expert design tips, curated selections - for us in their own stylish homes.

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