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The Next Design Star: Mother Nature

When many of us set out looking for inspiration to create fabulous, personalized spaces, we sit down with a stack of design magazines to leaf through, or head out to window shop. Yet often, many of the pieces that we drool over in catalogs, on Web sites, and in displays are actually inspired by natural elements. Get back to your design roots and infuse some natural beauty into your home!
Shelley Turk | Photo by Shelley Turk
Be Jeweled It is the absolute worst when necklaces tangle to the point of no return! Turn to nature to organize your baubles, by creating stands out of items such as sticks and deer antlers. I love the display that Shelley Turk of Organized Chaos constructed -- the wiry branches are ideal for separating your family heirloom pearls from cool flea market finds!
* Shells * via pareeerica on
A D0llop of Scallop Sometimes, the best souvenirs from a trip can’t be purchased! Why not collect seashells and sand from beach vacations and repurpose them at home. Large open sea shells would make great little catch-all organizers for loose change, earrings and more. You don’t need to save them for a beach house--add them to any décor scheme for an instant organic touch.
Crate & Barrell | image courtesy of Crate & Barrell
Stock Your Vases Sticks and stones may break bones, but in a glass hurricane vase they look fantastic. Fill a smaller vase with river rocks or a long narrow vase with blossom-adorned twigs. Other nature-turned-décor filler ideas include lemons and/or limes, pinecones, seashells, and peacock feathers (as long as the bird has willingly gave up his shed his brilliantly iridescent quills, of course!) Tree Branch Curtain Rod Head out of a walk after a summer storm and salvage fallen branches to transform into a curtain rod. Pick out a branch that is slightly wider than the trim of your window frame and remove all of the extra twigs using pruning shears. Spray paint for a more modern twist, or leave au naturale. Use tie-top curtain panels so you can easily slide along the curves of the branch. Mother Nature is quite the designer…we should use her more often!

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