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Simplifying Life: How To Organize Your (Home) Office

Hello Fabulistas! Do you have a home office? Do you use your home office? When I don't stay organized my work and other aspects of my life suffer. I've put together my favorite tips on how to organize your home office and how to STAY organized. These are tips I used when creating my space, and still use in my everyday life! Get a wastebasket. This seems like a simple idea but it's SO important! It's hard for me to throw things out, because I think I might need things later. But in reality, I don't need everything. The wastebasket is my favorite filing tool. When I'm done with something, I trash (or recycle) it!

Waste basket from Weekday Carnival

Pick up a memo board. Find an area in your work space for a pin-up or magnetic memo board. I leave so many notes for myself and it's nice to have a way to get them off of my desktop. I can pin up notes, as well as other small things I don't want to lose!

Memo board from Pinterest

Create a filing system. Having a system is so important for me to stay organized. I create files for everything, even if it's just one piece of paper. That way, I know where to look for it when I need it. Figure out what works for you and exploit it! It may be file folders or boxes. Try a few different ways to find what works for you!

Organized work space from Pinterest

Invest in clear containers. This may sound strange because colorful boxes and bins are on trend. It's so much easier when you can SEE what your stuff! Instead of having to pull out 100 boxes, you can grab the one you need right away. I'm visual so this is my #1 trick! (This works for more than just the home office. Think about doing this for holiday decorations, gift wrap, closet storage, and kitchen items, too!)

Clear containers from Real Simple

Use furniture that rolls. I LOVE my rolling furniture pieces! I have filing cabinets and low bookcases on casters so I can roll them wherever I want. When storage pieces roll out, it's easier to look for things and work in different spaces! If I want to sort through things on the couch, I can roll over my filing cabinet. It's a simple—and super handy— trick that so many overlook!

Rolling work space from Martha Stewart

With these simple steps my home office stays organized, and I'm always ready to go! This is what works for me, and you have to find what works for you! Not every tip works for everyone, because we all work in different ways. So, what are you tips? How is your work space organized?

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