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Simplifying Life: Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning

Hello Fabulistas! Finally, we were able to enjoy some warmer weather here in NYC over the weekend! It's time to refresh the home, toss out the old, and get ready for spring. I enjoy spring cleaning very much, it allows me to get a fresh start. Confidence starts at home. When you feel great in your own home, you feel better in your own skin. And it feels great to get organized! Today I'm sharing a few easy tips for spring cleaning. I would also love to hear yours! Organize your closet When it's easy for me to get dressed in the morning, I feel fab and look fab! Over the course of winter my closet gets cluttered with sweaters and boots. Now's the time to put away the heavy clothes and reorganize for spring. I like to sort clothes by length and color, and shoes by color. It helps me see what I have and put outfits together easily. Whatever your system, it's time to clean up! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Get some fresh air We've had the windows closed for quite a while now. I like to cross ventilate my home, use room sprays and linen sprays. Febreze is great to remove stale smells, and room sprays add a nice scent to spaces. Leaving the windows open will do more than ventilate, the fresh air will re-energize you! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Toss everything in the washer This may seem extreme but I like to wash everything! With everyday life we sometimes forget the last time we washed that slipcover. Doing everything at one time ensures your space will be completely clean. So, pick up that comforter, slipcover and pillow covers, and get started! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Reorganize your bookshelf I often complain I don't have enough time to read, and when I do I can't find the books I want. Every spring I like to bring the books on my reading list forward, and reorganize my bookcase. This way I'll be able to find what I'm looking for in a snap. Plus, this gives me a fab excuse to redecorate by bookcase. I love mixing things up! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Clean out the refrigerator This seems like a simple idea but as I said before, life gets in the way! While your slipcovers are being washed, clean out the refrigerator, and defrost the freezer. It seems like a daunting task but if you use your time wisely you can get it all done in a few hours. Multitasking is your best friend! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Of course, there are several more in-depth tips for spring cleaning. We are all busy and don't have much time to focus on spring cleaning, but with these few easy tips you and you're home will feel refreshed in an instant. What are your favorite spring cleaning tips?

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