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Ring in the New Year: Top 10 New Year's Party Essentials

New Year's Eve is always a grand event. It's the perfect reason to gather all your friends, get dolled up, review the year that's ending and make some interesting goals for the new year. Of course, the party must be spectacular! I love to throw a good I've put together my top 10 New Year's party essentials for you. Are you ready to create your own fabulous New Year's Eve party? First let's pick a theme. Obviously "New Year's" is the theme but let's get a little more detailed...and a lot more fun! I like to add an element of surprise to my parties. As I always say, do something unexpected! Why not pick a theme by color? Decorate everything in one color, or shades of that color. Emerald green is the Pantone color of 2013, so it would be so FAB to have an emerald green-themed party! Emerald green themed New Years party

Green table from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Next we need some tunes. Music sets the mood, so why not ask each guest to send you three of their favorite songs when they RSVP? Create a playlist using everyone's top picks and you'll be host extraordinaire for sure! I like to play music on my live wireless bluetooth speaker from Brookstone. You can stream music from your smartphone or laptop, and because it's wireless you don't see a big mess. You can set the sleek box on a bookshelf and it fades away! bluetooth speaker

Live bluetooth speaker from Brookstone

What's a party without delicious food, right?! Plan to make tiny bites so guests can eat and chat at the same time. I like to serve hors d'oeuvres throughout the night. They look delicious in photos and are the perfect size to eat. My favorite hors d'oeuvres cookbook is by Martha Stewart. Martha is the queen of parties, so obviously everything in this book is delicious! Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook from Amazon

I like to make my champagne toast memorable for my guests. I do so by pouring the champagne in FAB flutes! You may not believe it, but drinking out of a nicely shaped, weighted glass really does make the champagne taste better! Pick up some glasses your guests will remember and of course, glasses that will look great in your midnight toast pictures! (I'd love you to post your midnight toast pics on my Facebook wall!) Champagne flute

Edge flute from Crate & Barrel

Now that you have your midnight toast covered, let's get to the other drinks. I like to have a signature drink, one that goes with the theme I've chosen. Since I'm having an emerald green party, I'm going to make emerald green martinis! Having a signature drink adds another element of surprise to your party, and it definitely adds a bit of fun. Think of a clever name for the drink, too! Signature drink

Green cocktail from Relish Interiors

A well-lit party is a happy party! Twinkle lights look great in pictures and in person. I'm not talking about colored christmas lights, lovelies. I'm talking about twinkle lights of one color, that will create a nice glow in the party and picture background. I like the regular "yellow" colored lights. They really add to the romance of the party! twinkle lights

Twinkle lights from Apartment Therapy

Typical "New Year's" hats and noisemakers may sound cheesy, but they really get people in the party mood. I don't like those plastic hats, but I do like adorable, fashionable hats! I buy my chic party hats on Etsy. They are affordable, handmade and unique. This is another little surprise that I know my guests will appreciate. Silver sparkle top hat

Silver sparkle top hat from Etsy

The countdown to midnight is very important. I LOVE the idea of placing countdown decor throughout my home, so my guests can have an eye on the clock at all times. Plus, if you have little alarm clocks and set them correctly, all the clocks will go off at midnight! What fun! countdown decor

Countdown decor from Martha Stewart

After all the fun and drinks we'll be having, I'm sending my guests home with a little gift bag. You can pop into Etsy for some unique, affordable gift bags. I'm going to fill my little bags with advil, gum or mints, cookies and other munchies, and a hand written note to kick off the new year. You can personalize you gift bags any way you want. Be creative! It's your party, step outside the box! Gift bags

Gift bags from Etsy

The last party essential on the list is YOU! You're the host, you have to look and feel your best! Confidence starts at home, and now that you're home and party are set, get dolled some new shoes...and get ready to have a great time! Jimmy Choo shoes

Crown by Jimmy Choo

Now we're ready for a great end of year event. What are you doing this New Year's Eve? If you're having a party at your home, how will you be decorating? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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