Fabulous Apron Styles!

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The kitchen evokes such warm memories for so many of us, that's what makes it the heart of the home! Kitchens keep the spirit of your home alive by providing just the right amount of nourishment, whether in the form of food or family love.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the role kitchens play in our lives is about to become center focus. Not only will it be where you prepare the perfect feast, but it will also serve as a busy and boisterous hub of countless good times with friends and family.

Make your apron choice an extension of your personal style and put your most fashionable foot forward in the kitchen this holiday season! Start with a fabulous apron that says as much about you in the kitchen as your delicious recipes. Have you ever asked yourself why and how you select an apron? When you're preparing a feast, what is that last piece of clothing you put on to protect your outfit? Aprons have come a long way... there's so many choices today so you can truly make a statement with more than your food. Let's take a look at a few options that are as functional as they are fashion forward!

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Nalata Nalata

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron

Images courtesy Wayfair

Is it a frilly sort of garment in a floral print? Or a simpler version in a stripe? Perhaps it's more practical in denim with leather straps. Whatever your personal style, choose your apron the same way you pick out your clothes - base it on your sense of style and how it makes you feel!

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Kaufmann Mercantile

Consider the pattern or texture you're going for, the key is to select fabric that's durable and stain-resistant. Some patina adds a lived-in charm, especially on the heavy-duty aprons from makers such as The Stronghold, or aprons like the Soho Contrast Bib. Both are made with reinforced seams, metal rivets and hardware buckles.

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron

Image courtesy Waitstuff

One of the newest apron styles on the market is a hipster-barista favorite from American Native in selvedge denim and leather. Hand-made in the U.S.A., these aprons are durable with an artisanal feel. They can be customized and I do recommend the cross-back strap which reduces stress and strain on the neck and back.

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron

Fabulous apron styles - Robin Baron Fabulous apron styles - Robin BaronImage courtesy American Native Goods

So, Fabulistas, enhance your style and make those memories that much more special by making a statement with your food and your fashion!


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