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BiTTT Event with Vicente Wolf and Wendy Goodman

When I heard that one of my favorite women’s networking groups, BiTTT (“Bring it to the Table”) was holding an event in the Vicente Wolf Home showroom, I knew I had to check it out! Vicente is one of those designers who is constantly upping the ante when it comes to finding eye-catching, unusual pieces for his collections…from wooden tribal sculptures to oversized stone seashells to vibrant beaded jewelry. Even better, BiTTT invited Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York Magazine and the weekly online newsletter “Design Hunting,” to engage in discussion with Vicente and a lively room of interior design professionals. (Of course, most of us were simply praying that out pocketbooks wouldn’t knock over an antique sculpture or glass vase!) Vicente is all about travel, and his passion for far flung cultures overflows his showroom. “If I don’t have to be here,” he told us, “I’d rather be somewhere else, like Mongolia, Burma, Iran, or Bali.” His Malagan wood figures had everyone talking, as did this large plaster bust from France, which was placed right in the middle of a living room setting!

Personally, I love this oriental stainless steel armchair. You know me and metallics!

Vicente and Wendy Goodman have had a longstanding friendship, and it’s obvious that they are fans of each other’s work, which I love. “With ‘Design Hunting,’ Wendy is opening a window that wasn’t there before,” Vicente said at one point. For me, what makes “Design Hunting” unique is that Wendy is open to featuring such a wide variety of content. (Of course, at the event’s conclusion, that meant a flock of hungry designers heading her way!) Few people are that open to innovation and variety. I love that about her.

“A home is like a person,” Wendy told us. “It tells you a lot. For me, it’s about storytelling…and that’s why I’m always on the hunt for a story.” I couldn’t agree more. My favorite design experiences occur when the homeowner is willing to go on a journey with me and allow me to translate their story into the design. They make for the most fabulous designs! We had so much fun at the event...especially because there was a triple dose of "Robin"! So funny!
Me and Robin Feuer
Me and Robin Pocker

What can I say? Sometimes one Robin just isn't enough!

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