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A Look into the White House Interior Design

Happy Tuesday Fabulistas! As we get ready to approach a new president entering the White House this week, I am reflecting on the impact interior design has had on this beautiful home. While some elements of the White House interior have been preserved, others have been changed based on the style of the first family. I'm sharing my favorite room designs from past and present! The infamous parlor known as the Green Room showcases a bright pop of color. The various gold antiques and white trim add to the timelessness of this room. parlor-White-House-known-Green-Room-space This elegant yellow living room has so many fabulous design elements! The mix matched furniture creates a variety of shapes and textures for the eye to look at. As well as the beautiful crystal chandelier that is the focal point of the room. Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.48.23 PM

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